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Over 70 courses in aviation safety, security, and environmental performance

We provide a diverse portfolio of training programmes covering multiple aspects of aviation regulation. Our courses are based on UK, ICAO and EASA standards, and can be delivered face-to-face, virtually and in-company.

Our Courses

Here's a list of our current course offerings
Our courses within this specialisation give delegates an insight into the technical, operational and management issues associated with airports, air traffic and airspace.
Title Duration Location(s)
Aerodrome Accountable Manager and Nominated Person 1 day UK, Virtual
Aerodrome Certification 4 days UK
Aerodrome Operations 3.5 days UK, SGP, Virtual
Hospital Helipad – Aviation Awareness Half-day Virtual
Wildlife Hazard Management 1 day Virtual
We have developed a range of aviation security training courses, based on the key priorities in the ICAO GASeP. Our courses go beyond compliance to develop mature, high performing entities.
Having worked with the UK MoD for many years, we are considered a key partner. We have designed a course to assist organisations in understanding the MoD Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS) and the relationship with the UK CAA.
Title Duration Location(s)
Understanding & Preparing for DAOS Surveillance 2 days UK, Virtual
The airworthiness of aircraft ranges from the initial approval of a new aircraft design to ensuring an aircraft’s on-going safety standards. Our comprehensive programme in this specialist area includes all the regulatory EASA approvals, the UK CAA regulations and ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.
Title Duration Location(s)
Airworthiness 10 days UK, Virtual
Airworthiness Accountable Manager and Nominated Person 1 day UK, Virtual
Auditing of NDT Disciplines including an overview of the current NDT Methods 2 days Virtual
Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval 2 days UK, SGP, Virtual
EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval including CAA Malaysia Part 145 (AN 6501) 2.5 days MY, SGP, Virtual
Part 145 Refresher Course – Introduction to SMS Requirements (UK/EASA) 1 day Virtual
Part 145 Refresher Course – Introduction to SMS Requirements (CAA Malaysia/EASA) 1 day Virtual
EASA Part M Continuing Airworthiness (incl. SEARIF) 2 days MY
EASA Part M/Part CAMO including CAA Malaysia Part M – Continuing Airworthiness Management 2.5 days Virtual
Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) 2 days UK
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance 2 days UK, Virtual
Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation Approval and EASA Part 66 Certifying Staff  2 days UK, MY, Virtual
Part 21 G – Production Organisation Approval 2 days UK, Virtual
Part 21 J – Design Organisation Approval 2 days UK, SGP, Virtual
Part CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval) 1 day UK, Virtual
Part CAMO including Part M (Continuing Airworthiness) 2 days UK, Virtual
Part SPA – Specific Approvals including PBN, MNPS, RVSM, LVO (AWOPS), ETOPS 2 days Virtual
Maintenance Steering Group (MSG) 3  1 day Virtual
Non-Destructive Testing Audit Oversight 1.5 days UK
Reliability and Maintenance Programme Management 4 hours over 4 days Virtual
Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft 2 days Virtual
1 day UK
2 days Virtual
We have developed a range of aviation environmental training courses to help organisations manage operational environmental performance and achieve a cleaner, quieter and smarter aviation industry.
Title Duration Location(s)
Aviation and the Environment 1 days Virtual
Noise Management 1.5 days Virtual
As an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS corporate member, we work with ICAO to jointly create and deliver training under ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS programme.
There are certain core skills which provide the foundation upon which a successful career in the aviation industry can be achieved. Using experienced instructors, we will help to develop those skills and competencies to add value to your organisation’s training programme.
Title Duration Location(s)
Training And Instructional Techniques 3 days UK
We provide the same regulatory courses that are used to train UK CAA inspectorate staff in their initial/recurrent training, from Flight Operations Inspectors to practising lawyers.
A Safety Management System (SMS) is a series of defined, organisation-wide processes that provide for effective risk-based decision making related to your daily business. SMS focuses on maximising opportunities to continuously improve the overall safety of the aviation system. Our courses cover all aspects of aviation SMS and safety and risk management practices.

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