We work closely with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), bringing our skills to the area of airworthiness, policy and strategy. This places us in an unrivalled position to advise other defence organisations globally in a wide range of areas.

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Design Organisation Approvals
The Design Organisation Approval Scheme (DAOS) is a mechanism to assess the competence of design organisations.

The scheme provides a set level of assurance to UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Project Teams that listed organisations are competent to design airworthy material within a scope of design. Each organisation is audited on a regular basis by the Airworthiness experts based at the CAA to the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Standards and Regulations. The MAA subsequently award those organisations meeting the required standard a Design Approval Certificate and are added to the DAOS database.

Based on our experience working for the MoD, we can provide competence assessments for Design Organisations working for Military Institutions around the world.

Maintenance Organisation Approvals
The Maintenance Approved Organization Scheme (MAOS) is a means by which the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) can assess the competency of organisations wishing to provide continuing airworthiness support services for military registered aircraft.

Airworthiness Experts from the CAA carry our regular audits against Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Standards and Regulations, providing a full audit report of their findings to the MAA. If the organisation meets the required standards the MAA award a certificate not only confirming this but detailing the scope of work that can be undertaken on behalf of the MoD.

Continuing Airworthiness

For organisations who wish to manage the Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft including the issue of Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARCs), we are able to provide assistance and evaluate the organisation and its Airworthiness facilities as part of their process for gaining the approval.

Military Registered Civil Owed Aircraft Oversight

We provide support to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) in dealing with civil contractor involvement in military aircraft support and airworthiness oversight.

This support can also be offered to any other military organisation and facilitates the return of military aircraft of a civilian type design to the civil register.

Type Certificates

We can undertake assessments of Civil versus Military Airworthiness Certification standards for products, parts and appliances.

Additionally, we are able to undertake assessments of military specific modifications to civil aircraft and issue a Statement of Technical Satisfaction when compliance with the Civil requirements has been demonstrated.

Civil/Military Airspace Coordination

The UK CAA is a major contributor to facilitating cooperation between Civil and Military Aviation in the UK. Leveraging this experience, we work with Governments and military organisations around the world to realise benefits of enhanced aviation safety and maximised use of airspace.

We provide extensive training for aviation professionals across the globe, covering all aspects of regulatory performance and compliance.

Based on UK, EASA, and ICAO international standards, our courses are quality assured by practising UK CAA Regulators – delivering training and professional development in a class of its own.

Our course specialisations include:

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Design, Production and Maintenance
  • Regulation, Compliance and Monitoring
  • Airports, Air Traffic and Airspace
  • Aviation Security
  • Environment
  • Defence
  • Learning & Development

In addition to our open access course programme, we also deliver in-company and tailored training packages to suit an NAA’s exact requirements. Our training programmes focus on practical knowledge transfer using presentations, discussions, group exercises and practical application of theory to develop effective competencies, delivering results to individuals and organisations.

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Understanding & Preparing for DAOS Surveillance

Provides an understanding of the UK MoD Design Approved Organisations Scheme (DAOS),


Accountable Manager, Airworthiness, NDT, EWIS, Maintenance Program Maintenance

Safety & Risk Management

State Safety Programmes, Safety Management Systems, Risk Monitoring, Barrier Modelling, Flight Time Limitations.

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