We are committed to supporting States and entities in not only achieving compliance with international aviation security standards but going beyond this to develop mature, risk-based regimes which are both sustainable and proportionate.

Aviation security demands a holistic approach as States are dependant on the effectiveness of each other’s security systems. We strive to support the development of mature regulators and high performing entities to ensure that not only are ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices being implemented, but the priorities set out in the Global Aviation Security Plan are also achieved.
Leveraging the experience of the UK CAA’s Aviation Security Directorate, we support fellow States in all aspects of Aviation Security regulation and oversight with current, practising regulators.
Our expert’s participation and leadership of ICAO and ECAC panels and working groups place us in an unparalleled position to provide relevant, forward-looking and effective aviation security assistance.

Our Services

Our team of internationally recognised experts, those who have been influential in the development of the ICAO GASeP,
are well placed to advise across the entire spectrum of aviation security regulation.

AvSec Compliance

We specialise in the development and implementation of the National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme (NCASQCP). Our support covers all aspects of a States’ oversight regime as well as assistance to entities with their own internal compliance monitoring activities. We also provide support to States preparing for ICAO USAP audits and CMA and can assist in post-audit Corrective Action plans.

Security Management Systems

To help States proactively develop and maintain effective oversight and quality assurance processes, we assist regulators and entities in the design, development and implementation of the entire Security Management Systems approach.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security experts have been leading the international efforts to develop a proportionate and effective approach to cyber security oversight that enables aviation to manage cyber security risks without compromising aviation safety, security or resilience.

With cyber security increasingly becoming a critical part of safety and security operations and regulations, we support States in developing a regulatory framework and oversight programme to meet all domestic, European and International aviation cyber security regulatory obligations.

Regulation, Guidance and Best Practice

Our team of renowned regulatory experts play a leading role in the development of domestic, European and International Aviation Security regulations across a range of issues from technology and equipment, threat and risk management to training and professionalisation.

Our experts can supports States in the development of all aspects of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme and in the advancement of risk-based regulation and regulatory best practice and principles.

Our Approach

The regulation and implementation of Aviation Security is a complex, multi-faceted apparatus with many international and domestic stakeholders. Our aim is to not only ensure the requirements placed on States are met, but moreover, promote a truly holistic approach with a risk-based approach and a security culture at its core.

We blend regulatory experience, distinctive capabilities and leading thinking to help States develop their own processes which meet their obligations and mitigate the unique risks present in each State. Our AvSec experts in the UK CAA have extensive experience developing both domestic and international regulations in accordance with ICAO Annex 17 Standards and Recommended Practices and ECAC Doc 30 part ii.

Our experts take time to know your structure and industry, understand your challenges and work with you to address your aviation security priorities.

In the rapidly changing world of aviation security, we focus on laying the foundation of effective regulatory performance for today while creating long-term, sustainable value for the aviation of tomorrow.

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

Senior Manager – Aviation Security Development

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