Techniques in Auditing Approved Organisations

2-day course | Virtual, Classroom & In-Company delivery
  • Develop a better understanding of the compliance monitoring required by regulations such as Part 145 and Part CAMO.
  • Learn how to conduct various types of audits effectively
  • Gain an insight into relevant regulations such as Part 145.A.65 and Part CAMO.A.200/Part M.A.712.
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What are Techniques in Auditing Approved Organisations?

Techniques in auditing approved organisations in aviation involve systematic methods for assessing compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies. This includes document review, interviews with personnel, observations of procedures, inspection of facilities and equipment, and analysis of data. The aim is to ensure that aviation organisations, such as airlines, maintenance facilities, and training centres, maintain high levels of safety, operational efficiency, and quality in accordance with established criteria.

Course Overview

This course provides delegates with knowledge of how to perform effective internal/external audits of Part 145 and Part CAMO Organisations in order to satisfy requirements of the Competent Authority. This course provides a review of the Compliance Monitoring / Quality System as shown in Part 145 and Part CAMO / Part M Subpart G. The course includes CAA Malaysia requirements as in CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602 and the corresponding CAGMs.

This course is suitable for delegates working in, or with oversight of Maintenance Organisations and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations of all aircraft types. It is equally suitable for both commercial and non-commercial owners and operators. A prerequisite is having attended an audit techniques or similar courses, so they have adequate knowledge of auditing principles.

  • Introduction to Part 145.A.200 and the associated AMCs/GMs.
  • Introduction to Part CAMO.A. 200 / Part M.A.712 and the associated AMCs/ Appendices. CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602
  • Methods of audits( team, individual, joint, continuous, rolling and random or unscheduled)
  • Recording of objective evidence and non compliances.
  • Preparation of audit plans to ensure all activities/reqs. are audited including product sampling.
  • Auditing of sub contractors and their responsibilities
  • Practical exercises of auditing Part 145 and Part CAMO / Part M Subpart G Organisations. CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602

By the end of this course, delegates will demonstrate understanding of the following through practical exercises and group discussions:

  • The understanding of auditing MROs and CAMOs as per the Compliance Monitoring / Quality Systems in Part 145 and Part CAMO organisations.
  • To complement the existing knowledge of Compliance Monitoring/Quality personnel in their audit techniques and enhance the reporting/recording of auditing activities to satisfy the current regulations.
  • The relevance of Part 145.A.65 and Part CAMO.A.200 / Part M.A.712, the associated Acceptable Means of Compliances (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) when carrying out audits. CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602
  • The relevance of product sampling audits as required by Part 145.A.200 and Part CAMO.A.200 / M.A.712. CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602
  • The relevance of carrying out audits of sub-contracting activities as required by Part 145.A.65 and Part CAMO.A 200 / Part M.A.712. CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602

Delegates should have detailed knowledge of Part 145 (Maintenance Organisation Approvals) and Part CAMO / Part M Subpart G (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations).  CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602

Delegates should review the Part 145 and Part CAMO / Part M regulation and CAA Malaysia CADs 6801 / 6802 / 8601 / 8602 especially the paragraphs/parts relating to the Quality system.

Meet your Instructor

Meet the instructor

Devan Ramasamy

Devan Ramasamy

EASA Part M Continuing Airworthiness (including SEARIF)
EASA Part 145 including DCA Malaysia Notice 6501 (CAA Malaysia Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval)
Safety Management Systems – Principles and Applications (MAvA)
Techniques in Auditing Approved Organisations
Maintenance Steering Group (MSG) 3 – An Overview Course
Auditing of NDT Disciplines 
Reliability and Maintenance Programme Management

Devan has been with the UK CAA since 1998 and has about 52 years’ experience in the aviation industry, spread across both GA and large aircraft. He has worked with Airlines / MROs based overseas and in the UK. Devan holds an EASA Licence in Cats B2/limited B1 and C. He is a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and an Incorporated Engineer with the UK Engineering Council.

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