Part SPA – Specific Approvals including PBN, MNPS, RVSM, LVO (AWOPS), ETOPS/EDTO

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  • Delivered by experienced UK CAA inspectors
  • Receive an overview of the Part SPA / Annex V main elements
  • Learn the practical oversight requirements of Specific Approvals
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What is Part SPA – Specific Approvals?

Part SPA – Specific Approvals refers to a set of regulatory authorisations in aviation that allow operators to engage in specific procedures or operations. These approvals include various specialised areas such as Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS), Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM), Low Visibility Operations (LVO) or All Weather Operations (AWOPS), and Extended-range Twin and multi-engine Operations / Extended Diversion Time Operations (ETOPS / EDTO). PBN focuses on navigation procedures that enhance accuracy and efficiency, while MNPS ensures safe operations in regions with reduced navigational infrastructure. RVSM allows for reduced vertical separation between aircraft, optimizing airspace utilisation. LVO or AWOPS permits aircraft to operate in low visibility conditions. ETOPS / EDTO grants twin and multi-engine aircraft the capability to operate on extended over-water routes, the terminology / acronym changes will be explained with reference to ICAO, EASA, FAA, and UK CAA. Each of these specific approvals enables operators to conduct operations with enhanced safety, efficiency, and flexibility in their respective areas of focus.

Course Overview

This course will deliver an introduction to the main elements of the regulatory oversight applicable to EASA Part SPA / Annex V, including reference to NAA process and procedure in the issuance of such approvals.

The course aims to clarify the history, development, implementation and interpretation of the existing requirements with specific reference to the following EASA Part SPA Specific Approvals: Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS), Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RSVM), Low Visibility Operations (LVO) (AWOPS), and Extended Range Operations with Multi-engine Aeroplanes / Extended Diversion Time Operations (ETOPS / EDTO). Of particular interest will be the inclusion of the latest ICAO / EASA changes to the LVO Specific Approval where the overview will examine cause and effect for the regulator and the operator. The focus of the overview will include regulatory recommendations and Approval process issues with case-study examples of documentation from around the world; it will include some specific workshops examining current regulatory documentation including completed examples for discussion.

  • National Aviation Authorities:
    In particular, personnel having duties and responsibilities in line with the scope of this course, for example, Flight Operations Inspectors with assignments related to the issue, grant and oversight of associated Specific Approvals.
  • AOCs, ATOs, related organisations and service providers:
    In particular, Operators’ operations and compliance monitoring personnel, including providers of relevant operational products or relevant services for operators.
  • The course covers all aspects of the subject matter headings as per the Course Overview, and including the following:

• Background, Objective & Basic Concept
• Operational Approval Introduction & General Criteria
• Operational Training Requirement
• Operational Approval Approaches
• The RNP AR Approach
• RNP AR Requirements
• Operational Approval Procedures – Specific
• EASA Oversight Procedures – Specific
• Initial & Ongoing PBN Oversight
• PBN Interaction with EDTO / ETOPS
• RNP 0.3 Helicopters Only
• History and association with NAT HLA
• Global application
• Source ICAO documentation
• Operational Approval Requirements – OPS / AWD
• RVSM Overlap
• Crew Training
• Approval Process exemplars
• RVSM history and implementation
• RVSM requirements / state responsibilities
• RVSM operational approval – OPS / AWD
• RVSM procedures (pre/in/post flight etc)
• RVSM training
• Approval / Oversight processes
• Basic Concept
• Background – EROPS / ETOPS / EDTO
-Engines – Reliability
-60 / 120 / 180 minutes
-Approval Process – EASA
• Operational Training Requirement
-Ops Manuals
• ETOPS Approval Process (UK / EASA)
• EDTO Approval Process
• ETOPS / EDTO Oversight
• Background, Objective & Basic Concept
• Operational Approvals Introduction & General Criteria
• Operational Safety Assessment
• Operational Training Requirement
• Operational Procedures
• Operational Approval Process – UK
• Operational Approval Process – EASA
• Initial & Ongoing LVO Oversight

On completion of this course, participants will have attained an understanding of the history, development and practical oversight requirements of Specific Approvals. They should have acquired a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of the particular EASA Part SPA annexes covered in the course, with particular reference to the procedures and processes inherent in the relevant Approval Development, as well as a generic Approval Issue process.

Delegates are expected to have the following level of experience:

  • NAA Personnel holding an OPS related post
  • Third-party personnel with operations experience; or
  • Aeronautical degree or other professional qualification

Meet your Instructors

Ben Bamber

Part SPA – Specific Approvals including PBN, MNPS, RVSM, LVO (AWOPS), ETOPS
Flight Operations Inspector Theory (Virtual) 

Ben started his aviation career in 1971 via an RAF Flying Scholarship and possessed a Pilot’s Licence before he had a Driving Licence. He went on to serve in the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot, and worked for the Bristow Helicopter Group, the British Midland Airways Group and the British Airways Group in various flying, training and management roles.

Ben joined the UK CAA in 2003 as a Flight Operations Training Inspector and worked as the Lead Inspector with a number of the UK’s major Airlines and AOCs, including Britannia / Thomson Airways where he was responsible for the introduction of the Boeing 787 into Airline Service, and onto the UK Register. In 2016, Ben moved into the UK CAA International Group, where he has worked with such other National Authorities as Kuwait, Mongolia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ireland, Seychelles and others, as well as delivering training for diverse and different bodies, ranging from EASA to the Department of Forests Fire-Fighting Flight Unit.

Ben continues to play a role within the EASA and UK requalification of Full Flight Training Devices on a world-wide basis; and also with the examination of Type Rating Examiners and Instructors, as well as Senior Examiners within the EASA context. He maintains ongoing professional qualifications as a Senior Examiner, Type Rating Examiner and Type Rating Instructor on the Boeing 777/787 as well as continuing as an EASA & National Authority Training Inspector.

Additional Information

Course delivery methods

This course can only be attended virtually online. At present, this course is not delivered in-person at one of our training venues.

  • Instructor-Led Virtual Course: Enjoy the flexibility of attending this training remotely from your home or office with our live virtual course. Engage in interactive learning from anywhere in the world. We usually use WebEx or Zoom for our virtual courses.

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Further reading

No pre-course preparation is required, although some familiarity with Part SPA would be beneficial. Practical operational experience with the approvals would be advantageous, but is not obligatory. Delegates will need pen, paper, and a copy of the IRs – the course will be interactive in the virtual context.

In-company delivery

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