As the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s independent technical cooperation arm, we unite and export half a century of UK CAA knowhow to help States improve and responsibly grow air transportation.

By connecting the global aviation family to real-world UK CAA expertise, we help States achieve a better aviation system; one that enhances prosperity, tackles societal and environmental challenges, and promotes an innovative, sustainable future.

Working with national Governments, aviation agencies, regulators and industry organisations, our advice, training and examination services have helped countless States pursue robust, sustainable regulatory systems.

We provide holistic advice, often above and beyond UK, ICAO, and European-based standards, harnessing the UK’s treasure chest of regulatory mastery, aviation heritage and prevailing innovative landscape.

Through enduring partnerships, we take States on a journey – from solving evolving compliance challenges, and getting essential oversight just right, to progressive transformations for advanced regulatory performance.

As a founding member and leading voice within the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the UK has been a powerhouse developing the regulatory DNA that aviation relies upon. Today, our subject matter experts continue to pioneer new international standards and forward-looking regulatory practices to help the future of flight flourish.

By improving aviation and aerospace standards across the globe, together we can make a truly connected world a reality, uniting people and businesses for a better and more sustainable future.

Our Vision
A world where every State has a safe, secure, sustainable, and fair aviation system, that is continually improving.
Our Mission
To develop partnerships and share learning. Connect our partners with UK CAA expertise, supporting their people to lead tomorrow’s aviation world. To reinvest a sustainable proportion of our funds to extend our reach and fulfil our purpose.
Our Purpose
To improve aviation and aerospace standards across the globe.
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Social Enterprise
In pursuit of a truly connected world, we are proud to blend our work with targeted social good programmes. As a Social Enterprise, we take action to overcome some of the greatest aviation challenges facing the developing world – investing and driving change where it is needed most.
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