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The development of an organised, systematic approach to managing security is an essential task for both States and organisations to meet their quality assurance and risk management obligations. To help States and organisations proactively develop and maintain effective oversight and quality assurance processes, we can assist with the design, development and implementation of the entire Security Management System.
SeMS Development & Implementation
A Security Management System (SeMS) is there to proactively develop and maintain an effective oversight and quality assurance process within your organisation. It is about taking a systemic approach to managing security risks in ways that serve to instil security in the routine daily activities of an organisation and indeed, its very culture.

Developing an approach that embeds security management into the day-to-day activities of an organisation and encourages a positive security culture is at the heart of the Security Management System (SeMS) approach.

As authors of the UK’s Security Management System, we can support aviation regulators and industry organisations with the design and development of all phases of SeMS.

Our specialists on SeMS can help the organisations ensure that the security risks are managed at the right levels and that the security managers receive the right information to manage security performance effectively and efficiently. Our SeMS assistance includes:

  • Securing management commitment
  • Design and conduct of the gap analysis
  • Establishment of performance matrics
  • Project planning
  • Implementation of SeMS
  • Defining the regulator-regulated relationship
  • Support throughout the transition to complete SeMS
  • Performance-Based Regulation approach
As an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS corporate member, we provide extensive training for aviation professionals across the globe, covering all aspects of regulatory performance and compliance.

Based on UK, EASA, and ICAO international standards, our courses are quality assured by practising UK CAA Regulators – delivering training and professional development in a class of its own.

Our course specialisations include:

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Design, Production and Maintenance
  • Regulation, Compliance and Monitoring
  • Airports, Air Traffic and Airspace
  • Aviation Security
  • Environment
  • Defence
  • Learning & Development

In addition to our open access course programme, we also deliver in-company and tailored training packages to suit an NAA’s exact requirements. Our training programmes focus on practical knowledge transfer using presentations, discussions, group exercises and practical application of theory to develop effective competencies, delivering results to individuals and organisations.

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Aviation Security Training

We have developed aviation security training to help aviation professionals manage aviation security risks and achieve a safer and secure aviation industry.
Security Management Systems
Learn how to develop and maintain an effective Security Management System.
Courses that provide in-depth knowledge and insight into the cybersecurity regulations and the oversight process.
Security Culture
Offers an understanding of what a security culture is, what the benefits of a security culture are and how it can be embedded

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