An individual State’s responsibility for aviation security oversight is the foundation upon which global aviation security is built. A lack of appropriate aviation security oversight in one State threatens the security of international civil aviation operations. We can provide States with advice, support and guidance in developing their own oversight programme and to prepare for and respond to external oversight activity such as ICAO Universal Security Audit Programme. We specialise in developing and implementation of the National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme (NCASQCP). Leveraging our experience, we can support States on all aspects of oversight regime and airports and airlines with their internal compliance monitoring activities.

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ICAO Audits
Compliance with the national, regional and international regulations is the minimum that States and industry organisations can do to protect passengers, staff, infrastructure and business reputation. In pursuing safer and secure aviation, we can offer UK CAA aviation security specialists’ expertise, those shaping the UK and international aviation security policies and standards to help the aviation industry meet domestic and international security requirements.

ICAO Pre-Audit Preparation
Preparing for an ICAO USAP audit can be a complicated process. We can provide UK CAA best practice advice across the entire ICAO audit process to help States achieve security compliance with the ICAO standards.

We can assemble a UK CAA security expert team to work with you to prepare for the audit. Our team can develop an Inception Report, highlighting the status of Protocol Questions across all Critical Elements providing:

  • Guidance to pre-audit questionnaires and compliance checklists.
  • Preparation of pre-audit documentation.

ICAO Post-Audit & Corrective Action Plans
We can work with States to address any issues raised during the USAP audit.

Where necessary, our experts can work collaboratively to review USAP findings and develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), highlighting actions required to address noncompliance. Our support can include:

  • Corrective action technical assistance to rectify any security oversight deficiencies identified in the USAP audit.
  • Development of appropriate security regulatory frameworks for long-term, sustainable compliance with national and international best practice.
  • Capacity building and training to ensure regulatory and inspectorate staff are competently carrying out security oversight functions.
ICAO Critical Element Implementation
We can support States with the development and implementation of national aviation security oversight regimes compliant with the international standards.

Our aviation security experts can work with States on the implementation of all ICAO Aviation Security Critical Elements:

  • CE-1: Aviation Security Legislation
  • CE-2: Aviation Security Programmes and Regulations
  • CE-3: State Appropriate Authority for Aviation Security and its Responsibilities
  • CE-4: Personnel Qualifications and Training
  • CE-5: Provision of Technical Guidance, Tools and Security Critical Information
  • CE-6: Certification and Approval Obligations
  • CE-7: Quality Control Obligations
  • CE-8: Resolution of Security Concerns
Assistance for Airports & Airlines
We work with Airports and Airlines to ensure compliance across all aviation security internal processes and procedures.

As the aviation security regulator, we ensure that the UK’s aviation industry meets the security requirements set out in the UK and international law. Leveraging our daily experience, we can help airports and airlines with their internal compliance monitoring activities, helping them protect customers, passengers, and business reputation.

Our support to airports:

  • Screening of passengers, airport staff and goods
  • Recruitment, assessment, and training standards for all airport employees
  • The integrity of security screening equipment
  • Review of  airport’s security infrastructure, risk assessment and contingency procedures

Our support to airlines:

  • Staff recruitment procedures
  • Aircraft search requirements
  • Aircraft cockpit security requirements
  • Aircraft in-flight supplies procedures
  • Regulated Agents/ Suppliers regimes
  • Known Consignor schemes
  • Screening of baggage procedures
  • Boarding procedures
  • Aviation security training
  • Air cargo procedures
As an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS corporate member, we provide extensive training for aviation professionals across the globe, covering all aspects of regulatory performance and compliance.

Based on UK, EASA, and ICAO international standards, our courses are quality assured by practising UK CAA Regulators – delivering training and professional development in a class of its own.

Our course specialisations include:

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Design, Production and Maintenance
  • Regulation, Compliance and Monitoring
  • Airports, Air Traffic and Airspace
  • Aviation Security
  • Environment
  • Defence
  • Learning & Development

In addition to our open access course programme, we also deliver in-company and tailored training packages to suit an NAA’s exact requirements. Our training programmes focus on practical knowledge transfer using presentations, discussions, group exercises and practical application of theory to develop effective competencies, delivering results to individuals and organisations.

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