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The UK CAA has developed and rolled out a new digital, outcome-based approach to AvSec Instructor certification. The new instructor certification process provides an easy solution that may be adopted by States looking to update or enhance current instructor certification systems. Our experts can support the National Appropriate Authorities in the review, development and implementation of efficient, sustainable and transparent system streamlined to maximise available resource time.
Aviation Security Instructor Certification System
Instructor certification is a formal evaluation and confirmation that a person possesses the necessary competencies to perform assigned functions to an acceptable level.

States and NAAs are required to develop and maintain instructor certification and re-certification systems to ensure those delivering aviation security training are suitably qualified, competent and have acquired necessary skills.

The primary objective when setting up and maintaining a certification system is to ensure that it is sustainable, efficient, effective and transparent and delivers proportionate and sustainable security outcomes. The Authority must ensure the effectiveness of the security system by mitigating emerging risks and creating the appropriate regulated environment for effective and high-quality security training.

Our experts provide support to States regarding instructor certification, including:

  • Assessment of the current State’s certification system.
  • Advice on the most appropriate approach to instructor certification in line with aviation security set-up, current and future demand.
  • Supply of knowledge components for AvSec instructor certification – e-exam.
  • Advice on the implementation of e-exams into a current certification system.
  • Examination of instructor re-certification systems and support in the development of re-certification exams.
The UK CAA new approach to instructor certification is instrumental in achieving a more mature aviation security system based on principles of risk-based regulation and Performance Based Oversight (PBO). As part of the UK CAA, we provide extensive and tailored training for NAAs and Regulators all over the world.

We have delivered bespoke training to States, including:

  • Risk-based Regulation
  • Performance Based Oversight
  • Instructors Certification
  • Screeners Certification
  • Covert and Overt Testing

To upskill AvSec Instructors, we deliver open and bespoke courses:

  • Introduction to Security Culture
  • Advanced Security Culture (including Cybersecurity Culture)
  • Human Factors in Aviation Security
  • Managing Insider Risk

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