Risk-Based Oversight and Surveillance

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  • Examine the principles of regulatory risk and performance-based oversight
  • Identify the key components of a risk-based oversight audit cycle
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What is Risk Based Oversight?

Risk Based Oversight, or Performance Based Regulation as it is commonly known in the UK, refers to a proactive approach employed by regulatory authorities and aviation organisations to prioritize and allocate resources based on the level of risk associated with different activities and entities within the aviation industry. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, risk-based oversight focuses on identifying and managing risks effectively by assessing the likelihood and potential impact of adverse events. This approach allows authorities to concentrate their efforts on areas of higher risk, such as safety-critical operations, while employing less stringent oversight for lower-risk activities. By tailoring oversight measures to specific risks, risk-based oversight aims to enhance safety and operational efficiency in aviation while optimising resource allocation and minimizing unnecessary burdens on the industry.

Course Overview

Compliance based oversight is a good starting point for a regulator to understand an Entity or organisation, however, with more demands being placed on the aviation industry, compliance based oversight may no longer be enough to fully understand the aviation safety threats and risks that exist.

This Risk Based Oversight course will give delegates a foundation of the principles of a regulatory risk and performance based oversight system.

This course is suitable for anyone who requires a generic overview of risk based surveillance principles.

Complexity triangles

  • Business rules
  • Baseline oversight

Audit Cycle

  • Site visits
  • Desktop Audits
  • Internal Review Meetings
  • Accountable Manager Meetings

Future Oversight Planning

Risk Communication

  • Risk recording
  • Risk Elevation
  • Resource to risk
  • Regulatory Safety Management System

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Auditor/Inspector
  • Sector Manager
  • Capability Heads

By the end of this course, delegates will demonstrate knowledge of the following through group discussion and syndicate exercises:

  • How to measure an Entity to determine baseline oversight levels.
  • Identification of the key components of a risk based oversight audit cycle.
  • The importance of the collaboration between the Entity oversight team members to fully determine the risk picture.
  • Analytical techniques used to produce safety performance indicators to monitor trends and identify risks
  • The fundamental principles of risk measuring and the importance it plays in RBO.
  • The concept of varying future oversight based on risk and performance profiles.

Delegates should have a basic knowledge of Safety Management Systems and risk management principles.

Meet your Instructors

Karolina Cyrnek

Risk-Based Oversight and Surveillance

Karolina is working for the UK CAA as a Risk Based Oversight Lead within the Safety and Business Delivery department. She is responsible for driving strategic continuous improvement and delivery of the cultural, process and procedural changes to further advance the way the UK CAA carries out Risk Based Oversight. She brings a proactive and dynamic approach to understanding the aviation industry’s safety and risk picture and subsequently enhancing safety related systems. Whilst collaborating and seeking out the viewpoint of relevant stakeholders, Karolina has led on the design and development of the RBO course, its delivery internally and to external organisations. She holds a BSc in Aviation Management and MSc in Aviation Safety Management, Risk and Regulation from Cranfield University.

Ray Forster

Risk-Based Oversight and Surveillance

Ray is the Safety Risk Management Lead for the Safety and Airspace Regulation Group of the UK CAA. He is responsible for the development and application of the systems and processes used for oversight of how the UK aviation industry manages the safety risks. Before joining the UK CAA, Ray was a military Air Traffic Controller and manager for 30 years. Ray has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Air Safety Management and is a member of the City & Guilds Institute for Leadership and Management.

Additional Information

Course delivery methods

We offer two different ways to attend this course:

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  • Instructor-Led Virtual Course: Enjoy the flexibility of attending this training remotely from your home or office with our live virtual course. Engage in interactive learning from anywhere in the world. We usually use WebEx or Zoom for our virtual courses. To attend this course virtually, look for the ‘online’ venue option in the booking table above.

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Further reading

Articles: The UK CAA’s journey to adopt risk-based surveillance
We have published some short articles that explore four important elements that the UK CAA believes are necessary to become an effective risk-based regulator.

CAP1184: The transformation to Performance-Based Regulation
In 2014, the UK CAA published CAP1184, detailing how the UK was transitioning to become a performance/risk-based regulator.  The UK industry fed back how it believed PBR would make the CAA more proportionate and targeted, and have a greater degree of commercial awareness and be more transparent about how money is spent.

Presentation: Opportunities of Risk-Based Surveillance (2018)
Download our presentation on risk-based surveillance that was presented at the ICAO Risk-Based Surveillance workshop in Lima, Peru.

In-company delivery

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