Watch the video with Nick Goodwyn, the UK CAA Pilot Performance and Peer Assistance Business Lead, and Matt Swee from The Pilot Network talking about pilot mental health and the advantages of peer support programmes.
What is Support Programme and Peer Assistance?

In July 2018, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued Regulation (EU) 2018/1042, now (EU) 2020/745, which requires all Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators to implement a Support Programme (SP) by 14 February 2021. The purpose of the SP is to create a flight crew support and reporting system concerning their psychological wellbeing.

Peer support is a structure whereby a flight crew can get confidential help with mental wellbeing or life stress issues. At the heart of this support are Peers, usually ordinary flight crew members who are trained in basic listening and coaching skills and can assist their colleagues in addressing their problems. These Peers are trained and supported by a suitable qualified Mental Health Professional, a clinical psychologist who is ideally aviation savvy. The aim is to provide the flight crew with an opportunity to discuss, resolve or maintain their wellbeing in a confidential and trusted environment.

Pilot Peer Training by the UK CAA
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