Aerodrome Operations

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  • Explore the safety practices and the complexities of aerodrome operations
  • Discuss the safety concerns in aerodrome operations
  • Learn about the fundamental principles in aerodrome safety management
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What is Aerodrome Operations?

Aerodrome operations encompass all activities and functions related to the management, maintenance, and utilisation of an airport or aerodrome. This includes a wide range of responsibilities, such as air traffic control, aircraft handling and parking, runway and taxiway management, passenger services, cargo handling, ground transportation coordination, airport security, firefighting and emergency response, and overall infrastructure maintenance. Aerodrome operations are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient movement of aircraft, passengers, and cargo within the airport environment. It involves adherence to stringent regulations, coordination with various stakeholders, and the implementation of robust safety and security measures. Effective aerodrome operations contribute to the smooth functioning of air transportation, promoting connectivity, economic growth, and facilitating the travel needs of individuals and businesses.

Course Overview

This course provides delegates with an insight into safety practices and the complexities of Aerodrome Operations.

Through interactive discussion delegates will learn about key processes, procedures and issues relating to aerodrome certification, development, operations, safety oversight auditing and regulatory compliance.

Our Singapore courses are delivered in cooperation with the Singapore Aviation Academy. Please visit the SAA website for upcoming dates.

This course is aimed at new or prospective employees working within the aerodrome industry or for a Government Department / National Aviation Authority.

Individuals involved in management, inspection, ground operations, safety (systems, environment, advisers, quality management, and analysts), maintenance, rescue & fire fighting services and those concerned in the process of ICAO Annex 14 and Aerodrome Certification.

This training course will include the following topics:

  • Global overview (ICAO, EASA and Department for Transport)
  • Development of aerodrome policy, standards and strategy
  • Aerodrome compliance auditing and inspections
  • Safety Management Systems and the Accountable Manager
  • Aerodrome Manual
  • Aerodrome physical characteristics
  • Safety surfaces (OLS)
  • Aeronautical ground lighting
  • Runway friction surfaces theory
  • Aerodrome wildlife risk management
  • Low visibility procedures
  • Runway incursion
  • Rescue and fire fighting services
  • Emergency planning
  • Mandatory occurrence reporting

By the end of the course delegates will be able to demonstrate understanding of the:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the UK CAA and other stakeholders
  • Certification, inspecting and auditing principles, EASA / NAA Certification Standards i.e. Certification Basis and Operating Basis forms
  • Key principles fundamental to the safe running and management of an aerodrome, including Safety Management Systems
  • Safety concerns in aerodrome operations including physical characteristics, runway incursions, low-visibility procedures and wildlife risk management

Delegates should have a working knowledge of aerodrome technical terms to enable participation in interactive discussions.

Meet your Instructors

Graeme Ritchie

Aerodrome Certification
Aerodrome Operations

Graeme is an Aerodrome Inspector at the UK CAA, where he is responsible for the oversight of UK licensed aerodromes, covering aerodrome operations requirements. Following 14 years in industry in various airside operations management roles, he joined the UK CAA in 1999 as an Aerodrome Inspector. He moved into a policy role in 2007 developing requirements for UK aerodromes, becoming increasingly involved with the development of European requirements. Throughout this period, he was the UK representative on the ICAO Aerodrome Design Working Group. Additionally, he was one of the UK team on the rulemaking groups responsible for drafting EASA rules for aerodromes. He was head of the aerodrome function in the UK CAA between 2014 and late November 2016; his role was to lead and direct the team that provides the safety oversight of EASA certified and UK licensed aerodromes and heliports in the UK. He led the project to implement the EASA aerodromes rules in the UK and also led the aerodromes team through the introduction of the UK CAA Performance-Based Regulation (PBR) programme.

David MacMillan

Aerodrome Certification
Aerodrome Operations

David has nearly 50 years’ experience in the aviation industry. He has been with the UK CAA since 2010 as an aerodrome inspector auditing aerodromes, both in the UK and overseas. Prior to joining the UK CAA, David had been working in various airside operations roles, including senior management level at the UK four busiest airports. He also has seven years of experience working in the Air Traffic Control in control centres and aerodromes. David held Air Traffic Controller’s licence and Private Pilot’s licence. David is bringing extensive experience, on the operation of aerodromes and Air Traffic Control combined with the role of aerodrome inspector for the UK CAA, enhancing each training for practical aspect and enabling a better understanding of the topics.

Additional Information

Course delivery methods

We offer two different ways to attend this course:

  • Face-to-Face Classroom Course: Embrace the traditional learning method by attending our physical training venue. Benefit from direct interaction with our instructors and fellow participants, creating an immersive and hands-on learning experience. To book a classroom course, please check the booking table at the top of this page and select your preferred training venue location.
  • Instructor-Led Virtual Course: Enjoy the flexibility of attending this training remotely from your home or office with our live virtual course. Engage in interactive learning from anywhere in the world. We usually use WebEx or Zoom for our virtual courses. To attend this course virtually, look for the ‘online’ venue option in the booking table above.

Please note that course durations may vary slightly between our face-to-face and virtual deliveries. Please refer to the start and end date of your chosen course.

Our goal is to offer flexible, effective and convenient course delivery methods that suit your preferences and learning needs. Please choose the option that works best for you!

If you can’t see a classroom or virtual option, we likely haven’t released the next set of dates. Please get in touch to find out when we’ll announce the new dates, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed once they are available or even add you to our waiting list.

In-company delivery

We can also tailor this training course to suit your organisation’s training requirements. These bespoke training packages can be delivered at your organisation’s location – almost anywhere, worldwide. Please Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Further reading

EASA Regulations relating to Aerodromes
UK Aerodromes that fall within the scope of EASA will be subject to regulations set by EU/EASA. Open to public use and which serve commercial air transport and where operations using instrument approach or departure procedures are provided.

ICAO Annex Booklet
(See page 25-26 for Annex 14 – Aerodromes).

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