Last month, CAAi and the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) delivered an industry workshop in Riyadh focused on enhancing the National Aviation Safety Plan.

Led by regulatory experts from GACA, the workshop featured CAAi’s State Safety Programme Lead Simon Roberts and CAAi’s Project Manager Stuart Brown. They brought together over 70 experts and specialists from the Kingdom’s aviation industry, alongside representatives of relevant government agencies. The workshop was used to identify actions to reduce operational safety risks, underscoring the commitment of both GACA and CAAi to advancing safety performance and enhancing aviation excellence in Saudi Arabia.

The insights gleaned from the event will play a pivotal role in shaping the Kingdom’s safety priorities and provide valuable inputs for refining and enhancing Saudi Arabia’s National Aviation Safety Plan.

Capt. Fawaz Al-Shammari, GACA Safety and Risk Management General Manager, said:

“The workshop marks a significant milestone on our path towards enhancing the National Aviation Safety Plan, and achieving the Kingdom’s aviation strategy, a key stepping stone in realising H.R.H’s Vision 2030. This plan will help to tackle emerging challenges and ensure the optimal implementation of our State Safety Programme and enhance the safety standards in the Kingdom’s aviation industry.”

“The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) is dedicated to achieving superior aviation safety standards and to be a global aviation safety leader. In accordance with this dedication, His Excellency the President of GACA has approved the initial release of the KSA State Safety Programme (SSP). This programme aims to synchronise the efforts of all stakeholders and cultivate a cooperative environment to attain the overarching objective of improving safety.”

Simon Roberts, Safety Management Programme Lead at CAAi, commented:

“It is always great to facilitate a workshop that brings together industry experts from all the different parts of the aviation system and the regulator to discuss safety. It was recognised by all the attendees that aviation safety is a shared responsibility and the more we talk, listen, and discuss safety issues together the more we all benefit. Many of the safety issues identified would not necessarily have shown up in safety data, so it was an important forum to listen to the voices and concerns of the aviation industry.”

Stuart Brown, Project Manager at CAAi, added:

“We express our appreciation for the excellent collaboration and warm hospitality provided throughout our visit to Saudi Arabia. During the workshop with GACA, valuable insights were exchanged alongside constructive recommendations, all while accruing invaluable lessons to contribute to the project objectives. We are committed to continuing our partnership with GACA on the Kingdom’s National Aviation Safety Plan and look forward to further collaboration.”

This workshop falls under an agreement signed last year between GACA and CAAi to support the implementation of new State Safety Programme and National Aviation Safety Plan.

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