The Key Considerations for Effective Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes

The potential threat to aircraft operational safety posed by wildlife in the vicinity of an aerodrome emphasises the crucial necessity for strengthened wildlife control measures.
Wildlife Hazard Management Infographic
Wildlife Hazard Management in aviation involves the strategic implementation of proactive measures to minimise potential hazards arising from wildlife interactions with aircraft, both at airports and in airspace.

Complementing our recently launched Wildlife Hazard Management training course, we’ve crafted an enlightening infographic roadmap. This visual guide highlights essential considerations for the efficient management of wildlife hazards at aerodromes. Enhance your understanding of key considerations for effectively managing wildlife hazards at aerodromes by downloading our free, informative infographic.

Our 1-day Wildlife Hazard Management training course is led by experienced inspectors from the UK CAA and provides a comprehensive understanding of effective wildlife hazard mitigation strategies. This course is based on ICAO’s and the UK CAA’s documentation and requirements. To find out more, click here.

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