CAA International (CAAi) has launched a brand-new training course for Flight Operations Inspectors involved in the approval of Evidence-based Training (EBT) programmes.

Titled “Evidence-based Training for Flight Operations Inspectors”, the course provides delegates from regulatory and operational environments with the core skills needed to understand the EBT.

Evidence-based Training is a competency-based training system based on evidence gathered from several sources, such as LOSA, ASR, accidents and incidents. This evidence has identified a set of competencies that pilots require to operate an aircraft safely and effectively when technology and the environment are becoming increasingly more complex.

The UK CAA has played an active role in developing future EASA Evidence-based Training regulations. Capt. Phil Cullen, Senior Flight Operations Inspector at the UK CAA said, “The shift in emphasis in training from task-based to a competency-based system is one that requires an operator to effectively train its instructors. Organisations should ensure that those designing the programme are fully aware of the principle and philosophies so that the integrity of the EBT programme is maintained.”

In 2013, ICAO published the EBT concept in ICAO Doc 9995 “Manual of Evidenced-based Training”, and IATA introduced the EBT Implementation Guide. Today, more than 50 airlines are engaged in EBT implementation worldwide. Regulatory inspectors need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions when approving and overseeing EBT programme implementation.

Silke Buckley, Senior Training Manager at CAAi explains, “Through a series of practical training exercises, the course will help inspectors understand how EBT programmes are designed, implemented and approved, and how to determine the key implementation milestones and measure their effectiveness. Delegates will also explore the process of compliance with future European Community rules in respect to Evidence-based Training programmes under Parts FCL, ARO and ORO.”

Designed and developed by Senior UK CAA Flight Operations Inspectors, the first course will take place at the CAA’s London Gatwick training facilities in April 2019.

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