In March, the British Government launched an appeal for volunteers to help the National Health Service (NHS) and the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 outbreak. The initiative brought together an army of volunteers from across the country who dedicated their time to support their local communities during a time of need; and those in the CAA International Group are with no exception.
Here we share some of the many stories of our people going above and beyond to help.

Capt. Malcolm Rusby, State Safety Partnerships Manager
South East Coast Ambulance Services

Malcolm has been volunteering for the South East Coast Ambulance Services (SeCamb) for six years as a community first aid responder. During COVID-19 outbreak, Malcolm could not come into close contact with potential COVID-19 patients due to a medical condition. Wanting to continue supporting the NHS during COVID-19, Malcolm volunteered for the Resilience Team. Malcolm is supporting SeCamb by transporting Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to where it was most needed, providing mechanical support to Ambulance vehicles, and providing the Ambulance staff with refreshments on the go.

Commenting on his experience, Malcolm said: “Our family has always been part of the NHS, I have worked as an Air Ambulance Pilot for thirty years, and my daughter is now a Paramedic. I am thrilled that despite my condition, I can continue providing the support that our Ambulances need, especially during these busy and tough times.”

Kevin Sawyer, CAAi Aviation Security Senior Manager
Royal Air Force Association

Prior COVID-19 outbreak, Kevin had been volunteering for the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA), providing welfare support to members of the RAFA family.

During COVID-19, volunteers were unable to undertake home visits to their beneficiaries as many are in the vulnerable category. The Association launched a telephone support service, providing practical advice and befriender services to its members. As part of the telephone support team during COVID-19, Kevin said: “The work the RAF Association does to support the whole RAF family is essential for their members’ wellbeing. I am glad to be part of this incredible team and will continue supporting these men and women during unprecedented times of COVID-19.”

Dean Miller, International Strategy and Engagement Principal
Local Community Support

Dean has been supporting a Vicar in his local village by picking up the shopping orders and delivering the groceries and medications to the homes of elderly. Commenting on the experience, Dean said: “I could not have guessed a few months ago that I would be doing grocery shopping and delivering prescription medications for folks in my village.  The work requires only a few hours of my time each week, but I am so pleased to be able to help in a little way.”

For more information about how you can volunteer and support your community during the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the government website:

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