We are pleased to announce that CAAi has introduced a brand new portfolio of Environmental advisory services and training courses for 2021. Designed and developed by CAAi in collaboration with the UK CAA’s Environmental Research and Consultancy Department, the new service area addresses global environmental trends covering greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as local issues such as aircraft noise management and regulation, and wildlife management.

As environmentally responsible air transport is an essential component of the sustainable growth of the sector, managing environmental performance and addressing climate change challenges are important. In recent years, ICAO Member States have agreed to act on climate change and adopt global aspiration goals for CO2 emissions to minimise the contribution of the aviation sector to climate change. Other measures exist to limit or reduce the impact of aircraft noise and engine emissions on local environments.

Supporting the sustainable development of aviation, our experts, those who have helped to establish some of today’s international environmental standards, have designed and developed forward-looking and effective environmental solutions to help States and industry build-up the required expertise in all areas of environmental protection and achieve ICAO environmental aspirations.

Our new environmental services include:

Aviation Noise Management Consulting We specialise in noise management and noise contouring. We can support Governments, airport operators, air navigation service providers and local authorities in noise monitoring and predicting noise exposure and support the development of aviation noise policy, guidance and documentation.

Noise Modelling is a 2-day course designed for those who need to calculate aircraft noise exposure, providing practical experience of the end to end modelling process, including calculations for both individual and multiple aircraft operations.

Noise Management this 1.5-day course helps to understand what is involved in aircraft noise management. It gives delegates a thorough grounding in the regulatory basis for aircraft noise control internationally and in the UK.

Aviation and the Environment this 1-day course explores key environmental challenges at a global and local scale. The course aims at helping members of the civil aviation community and especially those in a regulatory role to identify actions to enable the sustainable development of the aviation sector.

To support all international aviation stakeholders in addressing their climate change challenges, we are developing capacity building and technical assistance programmes for the implementation of CORSIA, CO2 emissions reduction within the civil aviation industry and specialised support for States and the industry to increase their resilience to climate change.

Maria Rueda, CAAi Managing director, commented:
“Tackling today’s local and global environmental challenges is important for everyone. This is an inspiring time for global aviation, and it is our responsibility to work together and look for solutions that improve the sector’s environmental performance. In CAAi, we are committed to help improving aviation standards globally and to assist States to sustainably develop their aviation sector. We hope that our new portfolio will support this goal helping to create modern and resilient aviation systems.”

Ed Weston, Head of Environmental Research and Consultancy Department for the UK CAA, added:
“We are acutely aware of aviation’s adverse impacts on climate and communities. As we learn to live with COVID-19, we must work together to support the aviation industry to recover and grow sustainably, to minimise impacts and protect our future generations. Today we can share solutions that can help States and the industry overcome some of these challenges, striving for a cleaner and quieter aviation industry.”

For more information about our environmental services, please email our aviation environment team Asimina.Voskaki@caa.co.uk or visit www.caainternational.com/environment.

For more information and press enquiries, please email international@caa.co.uk.

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