We are pleased to announce that CAA International (CAAi) will be delivering an exclusive online virtual training webinar called “Introduction to Security Management Systems and Security Culture”.

Designed and delivered by UK CAA Aviation Security Regulators, the 90-minutes daily sessions, spread over five days, will give attendees the opportunity to learn new AvSec skills and techniques ahead of when air operations resume.

During five daily sessions, Kevin Sawyer, the CAAi Aviation Security Lead and Kirsty Wells, the UK CAA SeMS Programme Lead, will discuss the value of Security Management Systems (SeMS) and how to apply SeMS principles in a work environment. The webinar will pay particular attention to Security Culture, its benefits and how it can be embedded in an aviation organisation.

Drawing on the importance of an effective security oversight regime, Sawyer commented: “Now more than ever, an efficient and effective process for identifying and managing risk is a priority for the aviation sector and we are clear that SeMS provides the framework for such an approach. As part of the SeMS methodology, we want to create an environment where everyone in the aviation is a security asset rather than a liability, and the best way to do this is to create a positive security culture where everyone understands and accepts the role they have to play. We have developed this webinar to help aviation professionals develop and maintain an effective SeMS and learn the techniques needed to instill a positive Security Culture within their organisation.”

The 90-minute sessions will take place each day between 15-19 June 2020. Each session will start at 09:00 (UK time) and costs £85 per person.


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