Social enterprise CAA International (CAAi) has pledged £15,000 to the Resilient Pilot programme and training support. The financial contribution will fund 20 places on Resilient Pilot’s 12-month ‘Resilience Development Programme’, which commenced on the 1st of June.

This announcement marks CAAi’s second year of support to the Resilient Pilot programme. In 2022, 20 pilots joined the programme to receive virtual mentoring, coaching, and training to develop continuous personal and professional resilience to enhance human performance in line with CBTA methodologies. Data from last year’s participants showed a positive increase in the average competency grade from 3.2 to 3.9 within six months, with six pilots gaining employment as First Officers within this period.

This latest financial support will concentrate on the competence of personnel. CAAi’s financial support will be underpinned by the delivery of two CAAi training courses on the programme covering Human Factors and Pilot Peer Assistance.

Silke Buckley Head of Training at CAAi, commented:

“There are still a significant number of excellent pilots unemployed in the wake of the global pandemic that have unfortunately, experienced a loss in competence and confidence. Based on the success of last year’s programme, as a social enterprise, we are delighted to support the Resilient Pilot programme and ensure their work to provide first-class personal and professional development to pilots continues. We look forward to meeting the latest applicants on our training courses in the months ahead.”  

Resilient Pilot is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers free monitoring, peer support and training to help pilots and cabin crew stay current and connected with the airline industry. The Resilience Development Programme brings together the experience and expertise of Resilient Pilot’s mentors, coaches, CRMTs CBTIs and TRI/Es to provide pilots with an experience to enhance continuous development, self-evaluation skills, resilience and operational performance and safety. The Resilient Pilot programme supports ICAO CBTA and EBT principles and is aligned to EASA/UK regulatory standards.

Stuart Beech, Founder and CEO of Resilient Pilot, added,

“We are delighted and grateful to be working with CAAi once again, funding our Resilience Development Programme for 20 pilots who are just starting out on their training journey. We have seen excellent progression from last years funded programme with pilots improving their average competency by 0.7 points (15%) and progressing with personal countermeasures boosting overall confidence. 12 pilots have been successful in gaining their first flying role, with the remaining currently entering airline selection. The system works and is helping to shape the future of fostering and engendering an industry wide culture of empowering continuous resilience development  (a proactive approach) as pilots embark upon their personal and professional journeys.”

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