Strategic Review of a Civil Aviation Authority


A CAA in a fast growing environment required the services of CAAi to assess the strategic issues and challenges in the short- and medium-term.


The overall objective was to identify strategic issues and challenges faced by the local Civil Aviation Industry and the CAA as a regulator in the near-to-medium term until 2020, taking into account future trends, for example, technological and commercial developments related to various types of aerospace activities such as aircraft Design and Certification, business and adventure Aviation at the global and local level.

  • Strategic Review
    Identification of strategic issues and challenges faced by the local Civil Aviation Industry and the regulator.
  • Legislation/Regulation
    Review of the Civil Aviation legal framework and regulatory structure to identify existing strengths, weaknesses, gaps and areas for improvement in the light of its international obligations; Review of different types of regulatory systems available and identification of the pros and cons of each system; Recommendations on appropriate regulatory system, which best meet the stated policy and strategies, for the client’s consideration.
  • Technical Advice
    Definition of measures to improve the safety regulatory system in accordance with the strategy recommendations.
  • Operations
    Assistance to the regulator to review and develop a detailed set of Air Operations Regulations.
  • Guidance
    On Foreign Air Operators, Fractional Ownership of local-registered aircraft and heliport operations.

The client was able to draw on the expertise of CAAi, as well as the wider UK CAA, to identify the challenges and the opportunities of their growing aviation market and to put in place a framework for short- and medium-term strategic development

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