Project Name: Assisting Kazakhstan in adopting a new regulatory model
On behalf of: The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan
Type: Advisory Services
Domain: Aviation Safety
Period: 2019-2021
In 2019, CAAi was awarded a consultancy project to help the Kazakhstan aviation regulator adopt a new aviation oversight model based on that used in the UK.

Regulatory experts from the UK CAA assisted the AAK in reviewing Kazakhstan’s primary legalisation and proposed ways to further incorporate EASA/EU provisions and alignments with the UK CAA model. A second workstream focused on the organisational design of AAK with CAAi providing recommendations in accordance with the UK CAA model. CAAi was also tasked with conducting a Training Needs Analysis of AAK’s technical staff. The outcome of this analysis will influence AAK’s inspectorate Training Plan.

The primary legalisation review was completed in 2020 and recommended the best method to incorporate the EASA/EU provisions into AAK regulations, aligned to the UK CAA regulatory model. The review also looked at the separation of regulatory and service provision, how Kazakhstan established an autonomous aviation regulator and an independent accident and incident investigation unit.

After the project was completed in 2021, Kazakhstan achieved 84 per cent effective implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices following an ICAO audit. At the time, Kazakhstan’s effective implementation of ICAO safety standards was 15 per cent higher than the global average.

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