The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan (AAK) has achieved 84 per cent effective implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices following a recent ICAO audit in August 2021. Kazakhstan’s effective implementation of ICAO safety standards is now 15 per cent higher than the global average.

Notable highlights from the ICAO audit include:

  • Primary Aviation Legislation (LEG) increased from 61% to 81%
  • Civil Aviation Organisation (ORG) increased from 37% to 75%
  • Air Navigation Services (ANS) increased from 87% to 95%
  • Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) increased from 56% to 90%
  • Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG) increased from 47% to 53%.

Under the leadership and direction of Peter Griffiths, AAK Director General, CAAi has been providing technical advice and guidance to AAK since 2019 to help Kazakhstan transition to a new aviation oversight system based on the UK and EASA model. Regulatory experts from the UK CAA have assisted their Kazak counterparts in reviewing Kazakhstan’s primary legislation, advised on EASA/EU regulatory alignment, and made organisational design recommendations, including a target operating model and ICAO compliant job descriptions. A step-by-step checklist was developed to support AAK with ongoing implementation of the British and EASA regulatory model, allowing AAK to assess its alignment with the UK model independently. The checklist covered the entire UK regulatory framework including, economic regulation, service provision separation and consumer protection. CAAi also supported AAK with training for Regulatory Inspectors, development of  a Training Manual and Training Needs Analysis. This activity was complemented with in-country support on a visiting basis throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting AAK management in the Flight Operations and Airworthiness domains.

CAAi’s assistance to AAK falls under Kazakhstan’s 100 Concrete Steps national development initiative announced by the former first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2015, calling for widespread economic, social and political reform. Step 68 specified improving the government’s air transport management system “to increase the attractiveness of air transport through Kazakhstan”. Part of this initiative was creating the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan that was established in August 2019.

CAAi and AAK Celebrate First Project Milestone

Image: The project team from CAAi and AAK

Rob Erskine, Head of International Operations at CAAi, said:

“We are delighted that AAK have achieved a standout ICAO audit, and we’re pleased to see our work together come to successful fruition. I want to commend the AAK team and Peter Griffiths for his outstanding leadership, commitment, and dedication to raising aviation standards in Kazakhstan. Peter and his team have been pivotal in transforming AAK into a modern, future-future aviation regulator – laying a solid regulatory foundation to support and grow Kazakhstan’s air transport sector.”

Greater effective implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices can help States and regions to unlock more of the socio-economic benefits of a safe and reliable aviation system. These socio-economic benefits include expanded tourism, greater access for businesses and producers to foreign supplies and markets, improved emergency transport and search and rescue capabilities, and many other cultural and economic advantages arising from the global connectivity provided by aviation.

Peter Griffiths, Director General at AAK, added:

“It is a pleasure to help Kazakhstan with the help of our colleagues in CAAi. These results are a significant improvement in the overall performance of aviation in Kazakhstan. CAAi have provided comprehensive assessment of progress and overall delivery of changes being made to the Kazakh aviation system. It provides an excellent foundation to complete the work and eventual hand over of the completed entity expected at the end of 2023 early 2024.”

CAAi continues to work with several States in the region to enhance aviation standards. Earlier this year, CAAi provided safety management assistance to the Republic of Armenia. CAAi is also delivering a 3-year capacity building programme in Ukraine on behalf of the European Union.

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