Examination Systems for the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal

Introduction of paper-based and E-Examination systems for Part-66 (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) exams for the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

In 1998 Nepal established its Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). The Authority introduced a national paper-based examination system that covered the entire examination service for national examinations in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and recommended practices. In 2007, civil aviation authorities from South Asia, including Nepal, established South Asia Regional Initiative (SARI) and agreed to work on the convergence of maintenance regulation in South Asia using the EASA ‘Part’ regulation framework as the basis, but applied within the national legislative and regulatory framework of the respective country. Maintaining an independent exam provision demands resources and can be challenging for smaller National Aviation Authorities (NAAs).


In 2011, the CAAN contracted CAA International (CAAi) to introduce paper-based Part-66 exams to move the Nepalese examinations to be based on Part-66 international standards for national Nepalese Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licensing purposes. The plan was to convert the paper-based system into E-Exams systems eventually and support the Authority with the majority of the examination services, allowing the Authority to focus its precious resources on the challenges of effective regulatory oversight.


CAAi provided the CAAN with paper-based Part-66 examination services initially, including supporting the Authority with the entire examination process, administration of bookings, examination question papers, marking and results services, and issuance of examination certificates for national Nepalese licensing purposes. The British Council supported CAAi and the CAAN with the in-country exam venue and invigilation services as per CAAi and CAAN standards and oversight.

In 2015 the CAA Nepal transitioned to the CAAi E-Exams system, delivered in collaboration with Aspeq, CAAi’s electronic assessment and licensing technology partner. CAAi introduced an examination portal via the CAAN’s website to streamline the registration process and increase the efficiency of the secure end-to-end examination administration process, which included scheduling, bookings and payment, sittings and the issuance of CAAN results.

Working together with the Nepal CAA Airworthiness department, CAAi developed (and continue to maintain) a question bank that is specific to the requirements of the CAAN and aligns with the Part-66 international standards.


In 2011 the CAAN delivered its first paper-based Part-66 based exam. By March 2015, these examinations had transitioned to on-screen E-Examination, reflecting modernisation in line with testing best practices. With the Part-66 examination system in place, the Nepalese Aircraft Maintenance Engineers have access to a set of exams that adhere to and exceed international standards. The engineers and Nepal CAA have access to a secure and relevant E-Examination system that is maintained by experienced UK CAA / CAAi Airworthiness and Exams Operations personnel in cooperation with CAAN. The E-Examination system streamlined the application process for the Authority and freed valuable resources. The electronic system provides the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal with quick access to permanent and secure electronic records of candidate exam results.

For more information on our E-Exams systems, please contact Diane.Dutton@caa.co.uk

Key Achievements
  • Part-66 examination system in place
  • E-Examination system that benefits with:
    • reporting functions, which reduce administration and save time, resulting in cost efficiency
    • increased exam security through computer locking system and improved aviation standards through unique exam generated on individual basis
    • up-to-date question banks that comply with UK CAA, EASA or local NAA requirements
    • enhanced oversight through an instant reporting system allowing to identify candidates’ weaknesses promptly
    • proven resilience during national and global pandemic restrictions
    • increased efficiency, allowing the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to focus its precious resources on the challenges of effective regulatory oversight
  • Examination system that is specific to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal requirements
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