CAA International (CAAi) has launched a brand-new training course for regulatory Inspectors and Training Managers involved in the approval of Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) programmes.

Titled “Introduction to Competency-Based Training and Assessment”, the course provides delegates from both the regulatory and operational environments with the core knowledge and skills required to understand the process of developing and approving competency-based training and checking programmes.

Competency-Based Training and Assessment in aviation is an approach that focuses on evaluating individuals based on their demonstrated competencies or skills, rather than rigid training requirements. It involves identifying the key competencies required for specific aviation roles, designing training programmes to develop those competencies, and assessing individuals’ performance against predetermined standards. 

Silke Buckley, Head of Training at CAAi explains, “The course provides background to the principles of CBTA, but more importantly gives practical guidance on the implementation of a CBTA programme, using a building block approach which will enable any operator or training organisation to take advantage of the benefits of CBTA. The presenters are all experienced CAA senior inspectors with extensive background as instructors, examiners, and Senior Examiners”.

The first course will take place at the CAA’s London Gatwick training facilities in February 2024.

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