Equipping Aviation Regulators to Decarbonise Air Transport and Tackle Climate Change White Paper

Read our report to understand the key takeaways from COP26 and discover what regulators and National Aviation Authorities can do to help decarbonise air transport and tackle climate change.
Climate change is the most significant challenge of our generation.
Global aviation produces around 2 per cent of all human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. If aviation were a country, it would be the sixth largest emitter.

To protect the future of our planet, everyone in the aviation and aerospace sector – including regulators and national aviation authorities – must play their part to reduce carbon emissions effectively and ensure the industry is fully prepared and more climate-resilient.

To support this vision and help the future of flight flourish, we have published this white paper to examine some of the outcomes from COP26 and share ideas to help aviation regulators play a proactive role in decarbonising air transport and tackling climate change.

What role can aviation regulators play to decarbonise air transportation?
This paper considers eight themes to help National Aviation Authorities play a more proactive role in decarbonising civil aviation.
  • Facilitate and Accelerate Technology
  • Encourage Operational Improvements
  • Pursue Sustainable Aviation Fuels
  • Implement CORSIA
  • Create Environmental Awareness
  • Assess Capacity Constraints
  • Update State Action Plans
  • Adaptation

About the author

Gia Kroeff
Manager Environmental Modelling and International Studies

Gia has 13 years’ experience in the aviation industry. Gia manages environmental modelling at the UK CAA, including research and analysis for the UK Department for Transport (DfT), to inform policy development and Aviation Strategy. Gia has worked on consultancy projects to improve the sustainability of aviation. Her work includes the development of Carbon Management Strategies and action plans for large corporations.

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