CAA International (CAAi) has completed the first milestone of a major aviation oversight programme to help Kazakhstan adopt a new aviation oversight framework based on the UK system.

Over the past nine months, regulatory experts from CAAi have reviewed Kazakhstan’s Primary Aviation Legislation and recommended the best method to incorporate the EASA/EU provisions into AAK regulations, aligned to the UK CAA regulatory model. The review also looked at the separation of regulatory and service provision, how Kazakhstan established an autonomous aviation regulator and an independent accident and incident investigation unit.

CAAi also produced a guide to the UK CAA model, which focused on defining the principles of the UK system and any implications for AAK in adopting this approach. The UK CAA also supported AAK Inspectors in a regulatory review of Bek Air following the tragic accident on 27 December 2019.

Work has started on advising AAK on the optimal organisational structure and a comparative analysis between the UK CAA and the AAK.

Rob Erskine, Head of International Operations at CAAi said, “We are delighted to deliver our first milestone, and we have relished working with our Kazak counterparts. With both teams coming together, this has led to a huge amount of work, laying down the foundation for the new aviation system which will play an important part in ongoing improvements of Kazakhstan air transport sector. We look forward to continuing our support to AAK on their journey to building a stronger aviation system.”

The project falls under Kazakhstan’s 100 Concrete Steps national development initiative announced by the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2015, calling for widespread economic, social and political reform. Step 68 specified improving the government’s air transport management system “to increase the attractiveness of air transport through Kazakhstan”. A reformed aviation regulatory system will provide a solid foundation to support and grow Kazakhstan’s air transport industry.

Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development, B. Atamkulov on the meeting with AAK Management stressed: “The aviation industry of Kazakhstan is changing, our goal is to be a high performing industry based in Central Asia, serving all legitimate needs of the population, and our partners. Civil Aviation Committee and Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan shall continue implementation of the 68th step of the 100 Concrete Steps.”

Peter Griffiths, General Director at AAK said, “The task of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan is to transform how aviation regulation is delivered in the Republic in line with the Presidential Vision. It’s a vast task, a project, that requires the very best transformation tools. This agreement with UK CAAi supports AAK to achieve its goal with high indicators over 80% safety level, as per ICAO standards”.

CAAi and AAK Celebrate First Project Milestone

The project team from CAAi and AAK (photo taken Oct 2019)

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