We are pleased to announce that CAA International (CAAi) has pledged £35,000 to the Resilient Pilot’s Virtual Resilience Development Programme.

Resilient Pilot and CAA International are very proud to present the pioneering Virtual Resilience Development Programme integrating a competency-based training and development approach CBTA. There is funding for 20 pilots to join the annual programme from July 2022.

Resilient Pilot is a not-for-profit volunteer run organisation established in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers free mentoring, peer support and developmental training to help pilots and cabin crew stay current and connected with the airline industry. The Resilience Development Programme brings together the experience and expertise of Resilient Pilot’s mentors, coaches, CRMTs CBTIs and TRI/Es to provide pilots with an experience to enhance continuous development, self-evaluation skills, resilience and operational performance and safety.

The Resilient Pilot programme supports ICAO CBTA and EBT principles and is aligned to EASA/UK regulatory standards. In addition to CAAi’s financial contribution, Resilient Pilot will incorporate two CAAi course titles into its programme, namely, ‘Pilot and Peer Assistance’ and ‘Introduction to Human Factors’.

Sophie Jones, Head of Operations and Training at CAAi, commented:

“In the wake of the global pandemic, many pilots found themselves grounded, furloughed or displaced. As a social enterprise, we are delighted to support the Resilient Pilot programme and their incredible work to ease pilots back into the cockpit.”

Stuart Beech, Founder and CEO Resilient Pilot

“Our Purpose is to empower pilots to take ownership of their continuous personal and professional self-development to enhance and apply their knowledge, skills and attitudes (competence and confidence) throughout their career. Our volunteers are all experienced airline professionals or specialist in their field , passionate to support our member’s resilience development in the aviation industry. We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with CAAi to deliver this initiative”

To find out more, please visit: https://www.resilientpilot.com/caairesiliencedevelopmentprogramme

Photo credit: ResilentPilot.com

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