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Airbus invites CAAi to facilitate ICAO Flight Data Monitoring Seminar

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In October, the 10th ICAO EUR Regional Expert Safety Team (IE-REST) meeting took place in Baku, Azerbaijan supported by Airbus. CAAi was asked to provide a UK CAA expert to deliver a seminar on Flight Data Monitoring as part of the meeting agenda.

The ICAO EUR Regional Expert Safety Team (IE-REST) was created in 2013. Its main goal is to develop and support initiatives to improve the flight safety levels. Currently, such activities are implemented through joint efforts of regional and international organisations, regulatory bodies, airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

The purpose of October’s seminar was to share best practice and exchange knowledge on Flight Data Monitoring with the IE-REST members, which included fellow Civil Aviation Authorities and various airlines from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The session was led by Joao Brites, the UK CAA’s Flight Data Monitoring Specialist and Flight Data Mentoring Lecturer at Cranfield University.

The first day saw Joao empower the audience with the knowledge and tools to carry out effective oversight of FDM programmes from a compliance and performance-based perspective. Joao took the audience through the FDM process, introducing delegates to FDM terminology and subsequent concepts. With Joao’s guidance, the audience explored ICAO standards for FDM and corresponding EASA regulations, principles of compliance-based FDM oversight, practical challenges faced by FDM programmes and the principles and tools for performance-based oversight of FDM programmes.

On the second day, the session focused on the practical application of FDM, with Joao taking the audience through past and present UK CAA FDM projects, detailing the lessons learned.

Jolanta Rekiel-Taylor, Senior Manager of International Development for CAAi said, “We are delighted to have been invited by Airbus and able to provide our support to ICAO in facilitating this seminar. In support of ICAO’s No Country Left Behind initiative, we are committed to collaborating and partnering with aviation organisations from across the industry to provide States with the best possible level of expertise to achieve sustainable, long lasting safety improvements”.

CAAi follows a robust process and strict rules of engagement when collaborating with organisations which the UK CAA has a regulatory relationship with. CAAi does not engage in activities with third parties where there is a conflict of interest.

For more information, please contact Stuart Coates, Senior Manager – International Marketing and Communications; stuart.coates@caa.co.uk

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