EASA Part 66 Exam

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) examinations for the Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) (Categories A, B1, B2 and B3) are available across our international examination network.

This service is ideal for qualified engineers who already have extensive aircraft maintenance experience and are perhaps seeking conversion or recognition of their qualifications and experience to enable them to apply for a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-66

EASA Part 66 AML Electronic Exam – Apply Now

Manual intervention is required from the CAA during the registration process to confirm your ID and approve your e-Exams service. After this you will be able to access your dedicated CAA Web Services e-Exams Portal.

UK CAA Part 66 International Venues

Examination provision at this venue will be suspended after 3rd of June 2020.

Part 66 theoretical knowledge and examination requirements employ a modular syllabus, each module may vary in terms of the subject and category and complexity of Licence sought. The Part 66 examinations are based on the Part 66 syllabus as set out in Appendix I to Part 66. Examinations are in English.

EASA Part 66 – Multiple Choice e-Exams
Module 1 Mathematics
Module 2 Physics
Module 3 Electrical Fundamentals
Module 4 Electronic Fundamentals
Module 5 Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrumental Systems
Module 6 Materials & Hardware
Module 7 Maintenance Practices
Module 8 Basic Aerodynamics
Module 9 Human Factors
Module 10 Aviation Legislation
Module 11 Aeroplanes Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems
Module 12 Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems
Module 13 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems
Module 14 Propulsion
Module 15 Gas Turbine Engine
Module 16 Piston Engine
Module 17 Propeller
EASA Part 66 – Essay Based e-Exams
Module 7 Maintenance Practices
Module 9 Human Factors
Module 10 Aviation Legislation

Please refer to the exam centre pages for the examinations timetable.

For further details on the UK CAA Part 66 theoretical knowledge training and examination requirements, responsibilities of applicants, pass standards, validity periods and cross qualifications can be obtained from UK CAA website.

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