Recognising global air transport industry growth and the importance of supporting this growth in a sustainable way, CAAi has established a dedicated environmental advisory service for NAAs.

Our specialist Consultants provide support to Governments, aviation organisations, operators and planning authorities in developing more stringent global standards on aircraft noise and engine emissions, improved land-use planning, operational abatement procedures and market-based economic instruments to encourage the use of quieter and cleaner aircraft.

Noise Contouring

The UK CAA has developed the Civil Aircraft Noise Contour Model (ANCON), which calculates the contours from data describing aircraft movements, routes, noise generation and sound propagation. Using this powerful data modelling tool, CAAi can assist Governments and operators to calculate noise exposure contours, forecast the noise impact of new airports or existing airport developments and to forecast the impact of changes in Air Traffic Operations.

Aircraft Emissions

CAAi is able to provide advice on the latest research and requirements for compliance with regulatory guidelines set by ICAO regarding emission limits from aircraft engine exhaust. We have the expertise to estimate the differences in CO2 emissions and fuel burn resulting from a change in flight procedures. This type of analysis can, for example, be used for the environmental assessment of an airspace change.

Aviation Biofuels

Based on our participation in stakeholder groups in an international context, CAAi is well-placed to provide advice on the technical issues surrounding the manufacture, distribution and use of biofuels in aviation

Key Contact

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact Jolanta Rekiel-Taylor.

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