Aerodrome and ANSP Certification

One of our key strengths is in assisting Airports and Air Navigation Services Providers to comply with ICAO and European requirements.

Airport Certification

We can provide guidance to Airports to meet the Aerodrome Certification requirements set up by their regulator. We could also assist regulators on the Certification process in line with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations.

Aerodromes Safeguarding

Safeguarding is the process used to ensure the safety of aircraft while taking off, landing or flying in the vicinity of Aerodromes. It is achieved by establishing a series of Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) that define the limits to which objects may project into the airspace. We can advise Aerodromes how to achieve this and produce a detailed and tailored recommendation report to support safeguarding.

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Standards

The Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS)/Air Traffic Management (ATM) Standards Section specifically:

  • Approves radio communications equipment and radio navigational aids for sporting, offshore and Operator Proficiency Check (OPC) users.
  • Approves and oversees Flight Inspection Organisations.
  • Provides specialist input to audits and approvals managed by regional offices.
  • Provides specialist input to UK and International safety regulation forums, groups etc, and contributes to the development of legislation, requirements, Standards and Recommended Practices.

We are also able to provide specialist input to overseas contracts, audits and regulatory support covering all the above or similar topics.

Air Traffic Services Safety Regulation

We can provide the following services for a variety of clients including National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and ANSPs:

  • Guidance on oversight.
  • Auditing Services.
  • Arrangement advice.
  • Specialist Air Traffic Management (ATM) technical advice and guidance.

Our 1-day Air Traffic Services Safety Regulation training course provides an introduction and overview to the subject of Air Traffic Service Safety Regulation.


We can offer a technical advisory service for a range Communications and related systems, including:

  • The Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN).
  • Aeronautical Communications Systems, such as HF, VHF and UHF radio telephony systems.
  • Aeronautical Data Link Systems, such as Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC).
  • Air Traffic Information Systems (ATIS) Airport weather services (Volume Meteorological (VOLMET]).
Airspace Policy

We can provide assistance regarding the allocation of their airspace, the planning process as well as the subsequent implementation activities and day to day management.

Airport Lighting

Advice on specifications, aeronautical ground lighting layouts and systems.

Air Traffic Services Approval

We provide UK CAA guidance on the following:

  • Air Traffic Control training organisation approvals.
  • Air Traffic Control Unit approvals.

Air Navigation Service (Air Traffic Service) Providers approval continued regulatory oversight through auditing against European Regulations.

Airspace Design

We can provide support to determine an airspace design that suitably balances the needs of all airspace users and other interested parties.

Procedure Design

We provide Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) design services, that includes initial survey through to the design of any ground-based or satellite based procedure to the review of an existing procedure as part of an impact assessment or the review of a proposed procedure designed by a third party.

Runway Incursions / Excursions

Aerodrome Licence Holders should be aware of the hazards presented to aircraft by runway incursions and focus on preventative measures. We are able to assist with proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of a runway incursion occurring and raise the awareness of the associated hazards to all Aerodrome users.


We can offer a technical advisory service for a range Surveillance and related systems, including the review of safety assurances connected to:

  • Primary Surveillance Radar.
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR).
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Mode S Systems.
  • Multilateration Systems.
  • ADS-B systems.
  • Surface Movement Radar (SMR) systems.
  • Wind farm Interference Mitigation systems.
  • Aeronautical Surveillance systems.
Meteorological Services

We can provide the following services to a variety of clients including National Aviation Authorities and the providers of Meteorological Services:

  • Guidance on oversight.
  • Auditing Services.
  • Arrangement advice.
  • Specialist technical meteorological advice and guidance.

We can offer a technical advisory service for a range Navigation and related systems, including:

The review of Aeronautical Navigation systems such as, VHF Omni Range (VOR) systems, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) systems, Non-Directional Beacons (NDBs), Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and Microwave Landing Systems (MLS).

The review of safety cases associated to the use of Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigational Performance (RNP) for Air Traffic Management (ATM) applications, including RNAV and RNP Approaches.

Software Safety Assurance Assessment

Assessment of software safety assurance documentation for the Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS)/Air Traffic Management (ATM) and all other Air Traffic Safety related systems.

Data Link

We can offer advisory services to Aircraft Operators on operational data link; including the development of Guidance Material (GM) for inclusion into Flight Operations Manuals.

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