Project Name: Zero-carbon emission flight
On behalf of: FlyZero
Type: Advisory Services
Domain: Environment, Innovation
Period: 2021
CAAi and the Aerospace Technology Institute’s (ATI) FlyZero Project worked in partnership to help shape the future of zero-carbon emission commercial air travel.

Led by the ATI and backed by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, FlyZero was a one-of-a-kind research project aiming to realise zero-carbon emission commercial aviation by the end of the decade.

FlyZero is bringing experts together from across the UK to conduct a detailed and holistic study of the design challenges, manufacturing demands, operational requirements, and market opportunity of potential zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts.

Over a period of eight months, CAAi and FlyZero worked together on a range of regulatory questions and investigated the regulatory landscape needed for the next generation of zero-carbon emission aircraft technologies and their safe operation, and how the UK can play a leading role. CAAi’s assistance covered several areas, including zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts, zero-carbon emission energy sources, aircraft certification, propulsion systems, non-CO2 aircraft emissions and airport operations.

Read FlyZero’s final report here:

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