Project Name: Impact Analysis, Prevention and Management of Air Traffic Controller Fatigue
On behalf of: EASA
Type: Advisory Services
Domain: Aviation Safety
Period: 2023-2024
Air traffic controllers at night
CAA International worked as a sub-contractor for a consortium led by the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and Welbees.

The objective of the research study was “to perform a study on the assessment, prevention and management of occupational fatigue risks, as well as related work environment and operational factors, of ATCOs in the EU, in order to support future decision-making of the EU regulator”. The study set out three supporting objectives:

  1. To assess the implementation of current EU regulations (2017/373 and 2015/304) relating to ATCO’s stress, fatigue, and rostering systems.
  2. To conduct research into the prevalence, causes and effects of ATCO fatigue, with a view to collect supporting scientific data and provide guidance on the possible further development of the related EU rules and practices.
  3. To assess the potential impacts of future technologies on the ATCO’s workload and fatigue.

CAAi led Task 4 concerning Communications and Stakeholder Management and provided technical advice to the researchers regarding air traffic control regulation and fatigue risk management.

For more information, please visit the project page on the EASA website.

Introductory video — EASA ATCO Fatigue Study

Webinar on the final results of the study 

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