Project Name: Detection of Lithium Batteries using Security Screening Equipment
On behalf of: EASA
Type: Advisory Services
Domain: Aviation Safety & Security
Period: 2023-2024
EASA Lithium Battery Project
CAA International are working as part of a consortium led by Rapiscan Systems Ltd to investigate and detect lithium batteries using security screening equipment.

The main objective of the project is to evaluate the feasibility of the detection of lithium batteries transported as checked baggage using the security screening equipment and processes in operation at airports. The project should investigate what are technical, operational and regulatory solutions to support safety-related requirements without affecting the performance of security operations as well as identify the main limitations, constraints and financial cost elements for their implementation at European airports. The project shall also study potential developments of technology and solutions for application to other transport scenarios (e.g. cargo, cabin baggage).

The main outcome of the project is to assess the valid and cost-effective technical, operational and regulatory solutions to be used for detecting lithium batteries in checked baggage, while considering additional potential safety benefits for other transport scenarios (e.g. cargo). An impact assessment of the proposed detection of lithium batteries on security performance and operations shall be also performed and presented.

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