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Electronic Licensing is an online solution for managing aviation licences, from application submission to licence issue. Built on the latest Microsoft technology and with workflow functionality, aviation licensing has never been so efficient. Our system saves time and resources by automating licensing processes – reducing time and the administrative costs of managing licence applications.
Enhanced Licensing Productivity for Aviation Authorities
Designed in partnership with Aspeq, CAAi has developed a world-class electronic licensing system for the aviation sector. E-Licensing supports State aviation regulators in the effective issuance of all personnel licences, ratings and renewals across the entire spectrum of aviation requirements, in line with the international and national standards.
  • Complete management of the licensing process.
  • Fully traceable digital licensing means no paper processing.
  • Automated workflow processes to improve business efficiency and provide better customer service.
  • Ability to develop and manage licensing workflows without software developers.
  • Enhanced security and information tracking.
  • Full oversight for compliance and quality assurance.
  • Auditing capability ensures applications fully comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Manage performance metrics and reporting with real-time tracking of applications.

Our licensing system meets the highest cybersecurity international standards.

  • Secure online booking and payment solutions.
  • Secure protection of all customer information through high-level encryption.
  • Secure candidate portals to manage personal details.
  • Candidate identification verification processes.
  • Secure access to licence information by applicants and authorities.
  • Regulators can securely manage licence applications using workflows for each licence type.
  • Organisations can securely manage licence applications for their members.
Customer Experience
E-Licensing allows aviation regulators to deliver a modern online customer experience focused on the needs of its industry and applicants.

Improve the quality and flexibility of personal experience when selecting and submitting application forms and documents, paying for assessments and accessing clear, up-to-date information on what each candidate is licenced to operate.

Simplicity and Ease of Use
The customer portal lets applicants easily navigate the full end-to-end process of licence application with support on-hand 24/7.

Compress application submission times, assessment response times by enabling automated document upload options and low-touch web and system navigation options.

Let trained staff facilitate navigation of regulation to ensure safe and accurate maintenance of all licence privilege for pilots and engineers.

Candidates and aviation training organisations can track the progress of their application online, check prerequisites and apply for licences on behalf of eligible students.

  • Quick, easy self-assessment for licence eligibility.
  • Submit all information online – no paper forms.
  • Complete an application over time while they are training.
  • Get information from training providers directly through the system.
  • Realtime applications tracking.
Designed by a Regulator, for a Regulator
An end-to-end licensing system that supports all aviation regulatory functions.


  • Fewer application validation issues
  • Reduces applicant queries and contact time
  • Automated alerts keep the applicant updated on progress
  • Issue licences hassle-free (when it is safe to do so)
  • Low processing failure rates


  • Set the standard as an effective aviation regulator
  • Less staff time required
  • Process transactions efficiently
  • Modern dashboards for management reporting
  • Support industry by simplifying the licensing process
  • Licenses can be administered remotely around-the-clock
  • Helps maintain integrated records on Licensed individuals

Authority Board

  • Supports compliance with ICAO and other aviation agency standards
  • Improves customer satisfaction and the reputation of the authority
  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork to reduce an authority’s environmental footprint
  • Staff process licences more efficiently, improving the authority’s human resource capacity.

ICAO Coordinator

  • Supports compliance ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices
  • Easily integrates with other safety systems for meaningful, accurate safety data.
  • Assurance that the licensing process satisfies ICAO Annexes, Critical Elements and Protocol Questions
  • Licensing workflows ensure optimum safety standards
  • Immediate access to real-time data to demonstrate compliance


  • An affordable future-proof licensing solution
  • Applicant fees are paid on time for low debtors
  • Excellent for credit control processes
  • Easily integrates with other finance systems for robust management intelligence and financial reporting

IT Support

  • Modern cybersecurity defences for a safe and secure solution
  • Cloud-based solution that supports digital strategy
  • Easily integrates with existing IT systems
  • System updates are agile and affordable
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Complies with GDPR, Information Security and legal provisions/Acts.
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