Our Electronic Examination Systems help improve aviation standards whilst simplifying regulatory assessment processes and administration for National Aviation Authorities. Designed in partnership with Aspeq, we specialise in the administration, development, maintenance, results management and reporting for UK CAA Part-FCL, Part-66 AML and ATCO examinations. Bespoke FCL and AML can be built to specific national aviation standards.
Electronic Exams by the UK CAA
Our system allows us to build, update and maintain a question bank that complies with the UK CAA, EASA or local NAA standards, and generate multiple-choice questions exclusive to individual candidates.

Candidates can take the exam locally thanks to our global network of exam centres, or our bespoke offering allows NAAs to issue their own professional licences and ratings rapidly. Benefits include:

  • Reporting functions reduce administration, save time resulting in cost efficiency
  • Increased exam security through computer locking system and improved aviation standards through unique exam generated on an individual basis
  • Up-to-date question banks that comply with UK CAA, EASA or local NAA requirements
  • Enhanced oversight through instant reporting system allowing to identify candidates’ weaknesses promptly.
Maldives CAA reappoint CAAi for the renewal of its electronic examinations
All your high-stakes exams under one system
Our e-Exams solution can support all Part-FCL and Part-66 examinations.

ATCO (Air Traffic Control Officer) I
CAO Annex 1 requires that prior to issuing an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) licence, applicants have demonstrated a level of knowledge appropriate to the holder of such a licence in specified relevant subjects.

Our e-Exams can manage the theoretical testing of ATCO candidates across various stages of their initial training and during subsequent rating training.

Our system will allow the timing of examinations to be varied to ensure alignment with training course delivery. The scope of the theoretical testing satisfies the minimum required by Annex 1 and can be adapted to reflect additional requirements of individual states.

Part-FCL (Flight Crew Licensing)
We offer 14 electronic examinations which comprehensively assess candidates’ theoretical knowledge across all Part-FCL learning objectives.

Part 66 AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer)
We offer UK CAA examinations to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) who want to take the Part-66 examinations outside of an Part 147 approved training course.

This service is ideal for qualified engineers who already have extensive AME experience, and are seeking conversion or recognition of their qualifications and experience to enable them to apply for a Part-66 Licence.

Transform your Examinaisation Process
Enhance examination standards with a full end-to-end exams solution

Question Banks
We build, update and maintain a question bank that complies as required with UK CAA, EASA or local NAA standards.

Exam Generation
The question bank generates a multiple-choice, digital examination on an individual basis.

Exam Delivery
Exams are delivered locally for ease of candidates – they can also be carried out offline, removing the need for a stable internet connection.

Exam Management
Computer Exam Delivery (CED) software locks computers during examinations to ensure candidates are unable to access other computer functions. Examinations are monitored and invigilated on site by CAAi, further ensuring secure exam delivery.

Multiple-choice exams can be automatically marked on submission.

Aggregate reports allow NAAs to easily identify levels of performance and feedback to organisations as necessary.

Benefits for Regulators and National Aviation Authorities

Improved Exam Security
Variable question population ensures every exam is different, eliminating candidate cheating.

Increased Efficiency
In the UK, e-Exams has removed an administrative layer from the UK CAA’s assessment process, leading to greater overall efficiency.

Up-to-date Question Banks
Question banks are managed and updated by practising UK Regulators, ensuring they always meet UK, EASA or local NAA standards.

Improved Aviation Standards
Higher testing standards will lead to improved aviation safety standards.

Enhanced Oversight
Digital aggregate reports ensure areas of candidate weakness can be promptly identified and improved.

Live Candidate Monitoring
Invigilators can highlight an individual candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

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