All aviation Regulators can adopt Risk and Performance-Based principles, regardless of their maturity as a Regulator, industry size or level of Effective Implementation with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices. We can provide ICAO Member States with technical support to support the adoption of a Risk-Based Oversight and Surveillance to aviation regulation.

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Maturity Assessment
The UK CAA has developed a bespoke Gap Analysis Maturity Assessment Tool that provides Regulators with an independent, in-depth assessment of their readiness to adopt Risk and Performance-Based Oversight. The tool provides Regulators with a baseline to work from, identifying their current readiness and next-step priorities.

Working in collaboration, the assessment involves a comprehensive on-site “health-check”. Conducted by specially trained UK CAA assessors, the assessment focuses on 16-core areas via a series of interviews, focus groups, surveys and questionnaires with various, pre-selected personnel at all seniority levels.

Utilising the UK CAA’s hindsight, lessons learnt, successes and challenges, the Tool allows Regulators to establish their baseline for readiness in a matter of weeks – Something that without guidance, took the UK CAA almost two years to achieve.  Other benefits include:

  • From start to completion in less than four weeks
  • Provides NAAs with a baseline to establish risk-based starting point
  • Provides an effective diagnosis of the NAAs’ functions and culture fundamental for risk-based oversight
  • Allows NAAs to identify the elements of risk-based oversight that are important to them and their remit
  • Offers intelligence that allows NAAs to only focus on the areas of priority
  • Helps NAAs implement the risk-based oversight “Entity Concept” – risk-based oversight and surveillance across all regulatory functions
  • Shows NAAs how best to form the overall risk picture to influence good regulatory decisions
  • Supports ICAO and EASA best practice and the future of aviation regulation
  • Allows NAAs to modernise their organisation and the way they regulate

Practical Assessment Outputs
Our team will prepare a high-level report, presenting our findings across all 16 assessment areas. For data protection purposes, all gathered intelligence remains completely anonymous.

The analysis will highlight strengths and areas that require further attention to support a Risk-Based Approach. These areas could include “essential elements ”that will need to be addressed and/or resolved in order  to commence the  transformation.

Development & Implementation
If required, we can provide dedicated support in the development and implementation of Risk-Based Surveillance. Working together, we can tailor risk-based advice to a State’s specific aviation system. This support can include:
  • Development of risk-based transformation plans
  • Creation of Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) and risk management
  • Software development to support risk-based oversight
  • Industry engagement strategies
  • Professional training/cultural considerations
As an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS corporate member, we provide extensive training for aviation professionals across the globe, covering all aspects of regulatory performance and compliance.

Based on UK, EASA, and ICAO international standards, our courses are quality assured by practising UK CAA Regulators – delivering training and professional development in a class of its own.

Our course specialisations include:

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Design, Production and Maintenance
  • Regulation, Compliance and Monitoring
  • Airports, Air Traffic and Airspace
  • Aviation Security
  • Environment
  • Defence
  • Learning & Development

In addition to our open access course programme, we also deliver in-company and tailored training packages to suit an NAA’s exact requirements. Our training programmes focus on practical knowledge transfer using presentations, discussions, group exercises and practical application of theory to develop effective competencies, delivering results to individuals and organisations.

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