As authors of the globally recognised CAP 437 (Standards for Offshore Landing Areas) and CAP 1264 (Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas at Hospitals), we are uniquely placed to advise on various topics regarding helidecks and heliports.

We assist a wide range of industry partners to ensure products and services conform to the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) contained in ICAO Annex 14 Volume II, and UK CAA guidance.

Heliport and Helideck Design Reviews

We have provided heliport and helideck design reviews to organisations across the globe, drawing on the multidisciplinary expertise from across the UK CAA to ensure helideck and heliports meet the highest level of aviation safety standards.
Helidecks (offshore)
We offer helideck manufacturers and marine engineers a helideck design review service.

We review helideck design drawings against the guidance in CAP437. Our services include a report that covers the areas identified as non-compliant and offers recommendations on how best to achieve compliance. This report will help to prevent costly modifications during the latter stages of construction and installation.

Post Construction, we can complete a review of the helideck drawings to ensure that the final design is compliant with the standards. In particular, we help ensure  there is nothing relating to the overall design of the helideck and the obstacle environment that has potential to compromise the safety of helicopter operations.

Heliports (onshore)
Using our knowledge and expertise as authors of CAP 1264, we offer independent CAA advice and guidance on aviation matters during the design, construction and commissioning of hospital heliports to any NHS Trust in the UK.

We aim to ensure that the helicopters can operate safely and ensure that critically ill patients receive the very best care as quickly as possible. We provide advice and guidance on existing sites or new developments for all three types of heliport:

  • Surface Level
  • Raised (under 3m high)
  • Elevated (typically on top of a building)

Our Services for Onshore Heliports

We provide an opportunity to discuss your design objectives and requirements at the concept and approval stage with one of our heliport experts, thereby reducing potential additional costs during the build and commissioning phase of the project due to design errors. If you have architect drawings or a site plan, we can carry out an initial assessment and advise whether your requirements are achievable.

Feasibility Study

Our experts will visit your site and/or the architect’s office to fully review your plans or requirements. We provide a comprehensive report on our findings and recommendations and help you focus on the important elements of operating a heliport at this early stage.

Tender Process Consultancy

Maintaining impartiality, we offer unbiased advice and guidance to your potential contractors through the bid writing stage, assisting them with the aviation knowledge they will require to submit a successful tender.

Contract Award

Once a tender is selected, we can work with the contractor and help them develop the detail around their design, ensuring they meet all necessary aviation regulations. Once construction begins, we are available to provide our advice and guidance as follows:

  • A full design review report covering all applicable aviation standards
  • Provide support throughout the construction stage – you can contact us at any time for clarification on physical characteristics, lighting or discuss operational concerns
  • Provide guidance on Rescue and Fire Fighting Services covering equipment, crew resourcing, crew training and ongoing oversight
  • Provide support in organising your newly commissioned heliport for inclusion in the AIDU (RAF) Helicopter Landing Sites (Hospitals in the United Kingdom) Publication
  • Final regulatory compliance inspection, including a document confirming your heliport is constructed and capable of operating in accordance with the CAP 1264 guidance.

In addition, we can follow this up with an ongoing inspection programme on a two-year basis to ensure that nothing has changed on or around your heliport that could affect the safe transportation of your patients.

Approval of Offshore Helideck and Onshore Heliport Lighting & Other Equipment
We offer a Statement of Compliance for helideck lighting systems that meet the requirements of CAP437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas and/or CAP 1264 Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas at Hospitals.

This process entails a detailed review of the lighting product specifications and test/verification documentation in addition to an on-site visit to inspect the lighting installation in a representative environment.

CAA Approved Helideck Lighting
Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)
We offer a desk-based advisory service along with a Statement of Compliance for helideck monitoring systems that meet the requirements of the standard referenced in CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas (currently Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev 9b 2020 11 01, published by the Helideck Certification Agency on their website).

This includes an audit of the review required to be performed by an Independent Competent Person (ICP) covering the display designs, factory acceptance test plan and test results, and the generic site acceptance test plan. The ICP must be acceptable to the CAA.

CAA Approved HMS

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We have provided helipad and helideck design reviews to organisations right across the globe,
delivering tangible results that raise aviation safety standards.

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Megan Friedli

Helideck and Helipad Lead

Megan is a CAAi International Project Coordinator and Helideck and Helipad Lead. Megan joined CAAi in 2019 through an apprenticeship programme and graduated into an International Project Role. Previously, Megan worked as a Cabin Crew member for British Airways and a Flight Attendant for EasyJet. Megan holds Bachelor Degree from the University of Chichester and Westminster.


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