As the UAS sector continues to evolve, integrating UAS operations into a State's regulatory framework is ever more important to facilitate and grow the societal and business benefits of drones, both safely and securely.

As the UK CAA was one of the first aviation regulators to announce UAS regulations in 2013, we are pleased to leverage our niche regulatory experience.
Working with National Aviation Authorities and Governments, we provide world-class advice and recommendations on UAS regulation, safety and security oversight, helping States integrate UAS operations into national aviation regulatory frameworks.
By sharing the experience, best practice and lessons learned in the UK, we work to help States safety grow their Drone sector and unlock more of socioeconomic benefits that UAS operations bring.

Our Services

To deliver a robust UAS regulatory system, we assist States in the design and development of regulatory building blocks, through;
  • Policy and guidance on the UAS regulatory approach
  • Reviews of primary legislation and recommendations to reflect UAS operations
  • Drafting and implementation of new UAS regulations
  • Organisational design for effective UAS oversight
  • Training Needs Analysis of technical and non-technical UAS staff
  • Guidance materials and tools (inspector manuals, forms, procedures and checklists)
  • General public and industry engagement programmes to promote the safe use of drone operations and UAS best practice
  • Training
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Drone Services

Our Capabilities

Our experts can help States optimise cutting-edge solutions to drone usage by developing a strong UAS oversight system, based on our experience in:
  • Establishment of the UK’s National Qualified Entity framework
  • Performance-based oversight of Recognised Assessment Entities and authorisation holders
  • Remote pilot competency testing
  • Expertise on UAS swarming
  • Principles on assessing UAS safety cases
  • Drone zone principles and airspace management
  • Aviation security airspace solutions
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UAS Training by the UK CAA

We have developed a range of UAS training courses, designed to help aviation regulators and industry organisations understand UAS regulation and compliance.

Our Work in the UK

The UK is a world leader on the development of unmanned aircraft and their safe integration to the wider aviation world.
Leading the world on unmanned aircraft and tomorrow’s aviation industry

The UK were one of the first nations to develop regulation on the use of unmanned aircraft and have continued to be at the forefront of areas such as developing beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flying, setting up an innovation sandbox and the safety education of consumer drone users. Thanks to our work tech innovators from around the world are using the UK to test and develop tomorrow’s systems.

Encouraging innovation

We have a team dedicated to working with innovators from around the world to push forward the development and integration of unmanned technology and future air transport. From trials of electric-powered vertical take-off air taxis to the safe rollout of autonomous BVLOS unmanned flight, to drone deliveries, the team is built to react quickly to safely meet industry’s needs.

The development of our roadmap for everyday BVLOS allows all the parties involved to have a clear path to follow. You can see this ground-breaking work here and more from our innovation team at www.caa.co.uk/innovation

CAA Sandbox for Drones
The Drone Code
Educating drone users

Our work to educate consumer drone users flying for fun has been truly world-leading and delivered significant improvements in users’ knowledge of drone safety rules. By taking a novel approach to reach out proactively to users and actively encourage safe drone flying we have both educated, increased safety performance and gained user buy-in.

Our 400ft Britain drone photography competition encouraged users to take amazing landscape photographs with their drones while fully complying with flying rules. Its significant success saw the international media coverage and the idea being replicated by other nations.

Our Dronecode and Dronesafe collaborative safety brand make it easy for drone users to understand and follow the rules. You can see our Dronesafe site at dronesafe.uk

Drones for good

Our safety oversight team is committed to the safest possible use of drones while still helping the unmanned industry achieve its future aims. Many trials are currently underway in the UK that aim to safely push the boundaries of drone use. These include active drone delivery of medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a trial at Southampton and another in the Scottish Highlands proving that these flights can significantly improve delivery times to more remote locations.

The team also works to oversee over 5,000 UK approved drone operators, regularly auditing each and developing future policy and regulation to let the sector safely flourish. You can see more on the team’s role at www.caa.co.uk/drones

In 2019, the UK successfully introduced one of the widest-ranging drone registration systems. By registering users and offering them safety education and a knowledge test, we are meeting regulatory needs and also enhancing drone safety. The system has significantly exceeded all targets with over 140,000 users registered in only seven months. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss setting up a drones registration system for your State.

CAA Drone Registration

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