EASA Part SPA – Specific Approvals including PBN, MNPS, RVSM, LVO (AWOPS), ETOPS

What is EASA Part SPA?

EASA Part SPA is Annex V to Commission Regulation 965/2012, covering the Implementing Rules, (IRs), Acceptable Means of Compliance, (AMCs), and Guidance Material, (GMs) affecting Specific Approvals for which an AOC may apply that require a Specific and separate individual approval process and issue.

Course Overview

This course will deliver and clarify the history, development, implementation and interpretation of the existing requirements (International, EU and National) with specific reference to the following Part SPA Specific Approvals: PBN (Performance Based Navigation), MNPS (Specified Minimum Navigation Performance), RSVM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima), LVO (Low Visibility Operations), AWOPS (All Weather Operations), ETOPS (Extended Range Operations with Two Engined Aeroplanes).

On completion of this course, participants should have attained a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of the particular EASA Part SPA Specific Approvals covered in the course, with specific reference to the procedures and processes inherent in the relevant Approval Development, as well as a generic Approval Issue process.

Our Bahrain courses are delivered in cooperation with the Gulf Aviation Academy. Please visit the GAA website for upcoming dates.

Key Topics

The course covers all aspects of the subject matter headings as per the Course Overview, and includes the following:

  • Types of Area Navigation (RNAV) systems Fundamentals of GNSS
  • Basics of RNAV and RNP process
  • Area Navigation Review: PBN, RNAV and RNP
  • Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required (RNPAR)
  • MNPS: concepts, systems, Reliability monitoring, aircraft documents
  • RVSM requirements responsibility of the state
  • RVSM definitions
  • RVSM systems requirements
  • Altimetry system error (ASE) system component maintenance and continued airworthiness management airframe
  • Instructions for continued airworthiness aircraft
  • Operator plan and procedures
  • MNPS
  • MNPS systems
  • Reliability monitoring
  • Aircraft documents
  • EASA AMC Definition of ETOPS
  • In flight shut-down (IFSD) perceptions and supervision
  • Propulsion Systems Reliability Board (PSRAB)
  • Accountability of the operator policy and procedure development requirements
  • Operator reliability and related difficulties
  • Configuration maintenance and procedures (CMP) documents
  • ETOPS maintenance and continued airworthiness management requirements
  • ETOPS fuel management
  • AWOPS requirements aircraft systems
  • Maintenance requirements reliability monitoring
  • Affected aircraft documentation
How to apply?

This course is currently only available for in-company delivery.

For details, please contact our training team:
T. +44 (0)330 0224401
E. training@caainternational.com

Course Summary
  • Duration: 2-day Course
  • Locations: In-company and *Bahrain

* Bahrain course delivered in cooperation with the Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA)

Who should attend?
  • National Aviation Authorities in particular, staff members having duties and responsibilities in line with the scope of this course.
  • International Organisations operational personnel and Operators’ operations personnel and providers of relevant operational products or relevant services for operators.
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