Regulators and national Governments have an important role in facilitating the benefits and safe growth of aviation. A key component is an ICAO compliant safety oversight system and that a State's obligations are met through the ICAO CMA programme.

However, preparing for an ICAO ICVM or USOAP audit can be challenging, given a State’s priorities, responsibilities and resources.
Developing and maintaining an effective safety oversight system that, at a minimum, achieves the global average of Effective Implementation is crucial for ICAO compliance. Improving compliance not only enhances aviation safety but also fosters the socioeconomic benefits of air transportation.
We provide States with UK CAA assistance, capacity building and training ahead, or after, an ICAO audit to improve safety oversight and compliance with ICAO and EASA standards. We deliver our support on and offsite, and virtually where possible.

Onsite, Offsite and Virtual Assistance by the UK CAA

Pre-Audit Preparation

We assemble multidisciplinary teams made up of current UK CAA regulators to work with National Aviation Authorities to prepare for an ICAO USOAP or ICVM audit.

Using ICAO compliance tools and our proven approach and methodology, our team can help identify a regulator’s state of readiness and provide assistance with the following:

  • State Aviation Activity Questionnaire (SAAQ)
  • Compliance Checklists (CCs) and Electronic Filing of Differences (EFOD)
  • State Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), addressing any corresponding Protocol Question findings
  • Self-assessment of the Protocol Questions, including the attachment of related evidence

Our team can work with States to address gaps in any of the Eight Critical Elements of a State’s safety oversight system, including;

  • CE-1. Primary aviation legislation
  • CE-2. Specific operating regulations
  • CE-3. State civil aviation system and safety oversight functions
  • CE-4. Technical personnel qualifications and training
  • CE-5. Technical guidance, tools and the provision of safety-critical information
  • CE-6. Licensing, certification, authorisation and approval obligations
  • CE-7 Surveillance obligations
  • CE-8. Resolutions of safety concerns.

Our support will target gaps across all eight audit areas, namely; LEG, ORG, PEL, OPS, AIR, AIG, ANS and AGA. Our experts can conduct mock audits, inspectorate staff training, coaching and mentoring, and provide discreet technical support during the audit to maximise an improved Level of Effective Implementation.

Learn more about the ICAO USOAP programme. Video courtesy of ICAO.

Post-Audit & Corrective Action Plans

We can work with States to address any issues raised during the safety audit.

Our team of UK CAA regulators can review and address areas of non-compliance and assist in the implementation of a Corrective Action Plan.

Targeted assistance can be provided to resolve any Significant Safety Concerns raised during the audit.

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Training Support

Through tailored advice and training, we can provide National Aviation Authority capacity development to ensure inspectorate staff are competent in carrying out their tasks.

Drawing on UK CAA expertise, we provide effective corporate-wide and individual knowledge transfer training services to support NAAs and industry looking to strengthen their in-house aviation training, and learning and development programmes.

Our training consultancy services include:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Managed training services
  • Training policy and strategy development
  • Training programme and training plan development
Training Consultancy Services
On-the-job training

Related Projects

We have supported States with ICAO audits right across the globe,
delivering tangible results, including increased effective implementation and the removal of Significant Safety Concerns.

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Are you ready for your ICAO audit?

Global Average of Effective Implementation


Number of Significant Safety Concerns globally


ICAO compliance in 2020

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